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Star Army Tool Locker

The Star Army Tool Locker is a standardized storage unit for use by maintenance crews in the Star Army of Yamatai. It entered service in YE 31.

Tool Lockers are wheeled containers with one large drawer (for storing trays of small parts, rags, etc), and two cabinet-style doors that open to reveal shelves inside. Two side shelves provide additional storage space, which is generally used for fire extinguishers and oil cans. For safety reasons, the lockers are fireproof and are equipped with tie-down points to secure the locker for travel. The lockers are painted in Star Army blue (starship and general usage) or yellow (used on airfields and in carrier bays).

Price: 399.99 KS (not sold to public)


The rolling tool lockers typically contain:

Firefighting Version

There is also a red version used exclusively for firefighting; instead of tools, the red version contains:

  • Additional Fire Extinguisher 🧯 (4 total on the locker)
  • Firefighting gear
  • Foam mixing system
  • Generator
  • Hoses
  • Water Pump

OOC Notes

Article and artwork by Wes

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Product Categoriescontainers, furniture
Product NameStar Army Tool Locker
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Price (KS)399.99 KS

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