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Star Army Trauma Kit, Type 32

The Type 32 Trauma Kit is an ancillary medical kit. It contains equipment not normally found in medical kits, and is designed to aid in the treatment of injured soldiers. It comes in a large dark blue fabric bag with the Star Army Medical logo on it. Typically carried by Star Army Emergency Services vehicles.


The kit contains the following:


  • 2 Glucose bags 1,000 ml
  • 4 Saline bags 500 ml
  • 2 CPR mouthpiece
  • 4 Cold packs
  • Forehead thermometer

Splints and Braces

  • 2 Inflatable lower leg splint
  • 2 Inflatable whole leg splint
  • 2 Arm sling
  • 2 Fore arm splint
  • 2 Fabric panels rib brace
  • 2 Neck brace
  • 1 Folding backboard

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