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Star Army Towel, Type 40

The Star Army of Yamatai Towel is an absorbent piece of fabric. The Star Army Towel is not a standard issue item but is easily available from the Star Army Clothing Store for the price of 10 KS to all Star Army personnel.

A Type 40 Towel A variant in the storage position.


The Star Army Towel is a military adaptation of the civilian design of a large rectangular piece of absorbent fabric. Thanks to advances in synthetic materials, The Star Army Towel is resistant to stains, fire, insects, and sweat buildup.

The Star Army Towel comes in two different variants. Both variants are rectangular in shape, carry a Star Army Hinomaru patch embroidered into the bottom right, and are machine washable.

The Star Army Towel, Type 40 A is made for every day use and hygiene aboard bases and starships and is made with a simple but soft synthetic Nylon material. A synthetic Silk version, known as the Type 40 A-S, exists for those with need a softer and more lighter towel for 15 KS.

The Star Army Towel, Type 40 B is made mainly for personnel on leave to more amphibious destinations and is much thicker and heavier with a synthetic cotton material to allow for more outdoor uses.

Variant Dimension Material Available Colors
A, A-S 30 in × 60 in (76 cm × 152 cm) Synthetic Nylon Terrycloth Star Army Cadet Blue, Olive Drab, RIKUPAT pattern
B 35 in × 65 in (89 cm × 165 cm) Synthetic Cotton Terrycloth Star Army Cadet Blue, Pilot Blue, Olive Drab, Intelligence Black, RIKUPAT pattern


The Star Army Towel can be a massively useful piece of equipment in the hands of any crafty Star Army Personnel. The towel can be wrapped around an individual for warmth during a recon trek across the frozen tundras of Tange IV; The towel can be laid upon on the marble sands of one of the many resorts that dot Hanako's World; The towel can be slept under beneath the bright stars of the arid Planet Osman; Used to sail across the glowing Sea of Dreams on Maekardan at night on a miniraft; wetted for hand-to-hand combat in one of the fighting rings deep within Funky City; wrapped around one's head to avoid the stink vapors when dealing with the Graxlat (A generally unpleasant species that emit a horrendous odor); used to signal maneuvers with little-to-no electronic trace; and of course, dry one's self if it is still clean enough at the end of the day.

The Star Army Towel also carries a psychological value to it. Occasionally, if a civilian is to come across any Star Army personnel with a Star Army Towel, they will assume the personnel is currently on leave and is possession of a toothbrush, washcloth, soap, Star Army Field Rations, Star Army Toiletry Kit, 100 KS, Star Army Jerrycan Jug, Star Army Holiday Kit (Depending on the time of year), etc, etc. If the personnel is currently without any of the essentials of daily hygiene, then the civilian may donate several or more items to them.

Furthermore, if an enemy combatant comes across any Star Army personnel wielding a towel, there is a nominal chance of the enemy surrendering as any soldier brave enough to rush into battle with nothing but a towel is clearly a soldier to be reckoned with.

OOC Notes

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Written for Towel Day 2018 and insipired by Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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