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Second Squadron Starbase

Second Squadron Starbase, NK-X1-102, is an Ikoi Light Starbase serving as the mobile home base for the Star Army of Yamatai First Expeditionary Fleet's Second Squadron. It was formerly the home of Hanako Military Museum.

In YE 36 two restaurants were moved from the starbase to the Shinjuku Market District to improve their business.

Notable Onboard Facilities

  • Warm and Sweet Coffeeshop, a chain offering drinks and baked goods (added in YE 33).
  • A massage room with three cushioned massage tables and large jugs of massage oil for each
  • Wardroom: “The spacious dining and recreation area had white, blue, and black inlaid marble floors and finely-crafted shining wood paneling on all the walls. Above them hung gold and crystal chandeliers and a painted ceiling depicting sailing ships and tropical islands on Hanako's World. Photographs and paintings of the Eucharis and other 2nd Squadron gunships and their commanders were spaced around the room and on each table there was a small chrome gold model of a Plumeria gunboat.”

Ships And Shuttles Docked

Known Persons Aboard

  • Brig Chief Santô Heisho Mochizuki Shoko is a well-built peach-skinned NH-27 military police officer with droopy teal eyes and odango-style reddish brown hair that is dressed in a slighty dirty Type 31 Field Uniform and equipped with a Type 27 NSP and a Type 22 Survival Knife.
  • 3 Yamataians (Sbuhfaba)
  • 4 Nepleslians, of which two were children (Sbuhfaba)
  • NMX Neko, Prisoner Specialist (Sbuhfaba)
  • 2 NMX Neko technicians (NMX Scout ship in mission 9.1)
  • 5 Nekovalkyrja warriors (2 Halna, 2 Hoshi No Iori, 3 Xyainbor) - currently on the light starbase
  • 3 Elysian Plebeian (former) slave girls - currently on the light starbase
  • 1 Helashio In A Box!
  • 3 Helashio In A Box With Collar And Control Device
  • Lorath Occhestian In A Box With A Collar and Control Device
  • Lorath Occhestian In A Box with a Collar!
  • Technician Bran'won 'Insight' Occhesta
    • Wearing Lorath Psionics Robes
    • M37/38 Battledress Uniform
  • Helashio In A Box With Collar!
  • Lorath Occhestian In A Box With A Collar and Control Device!


  • Crate of medical supplies
XL Containers

SSCC-XL Containers are 15m (49.2') long, 2.5m (8.2') wide, and 3m (9.84') tall.

  • SSCC-XL containing bananas
  • SSCC-XL containing eggs
  • SSCC-XL containing milk
  • SSCC-XL containing poultry (chicken)
  • SSCC-XL containing swine (pork)
  • 2 SSCC-XL containing lamb
  • SSCC-XL containing maize (corn)
  • SSCC-XL containing oats
  • SSCC-XL containing cocoa beans
  • SSCC-XL containing coffee beans
Container M2: Vehicle Maintenance Supplies
  • Barrel of Motor Oil
  • Nepleslian Automotive Tool Chest and Tool Set
  • Spare tires for STV/Cargo Truck (large)
  • Spare tires for Light Utility Truck (smaller)
Container M3: Hanako's Special Project
  • Quad-Core high-powered custom upgraded Mishhuvurthyar starship quantum computer system
Container M4: Clothing
  • Kohanian Fur Coats
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases
  • Yamataian military belts, boots, and gloves
  • Bunch of Backpacks and Bags
  • Fancy Scarves
  • Classy briefcases
  • 2x shipments of tight Yamataian bodysuits
  • 3 Sexy Lingerie
  • Shipment of brand-new female undergarments
  • Silk pajamas, boxers, and nightgowns
  • Shipment of male/female Formal Attire, 10 outfits
  • Several Mattresses
  • Large box full of blankets, sheets, and pillowcases
Container P4-1: Agriculture

This container is a P4 Unit currently producing rice (SSCC-Medium size).


Surplus Items To Be Transferred

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