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Join the Second Expeditionary Fleet

2XF Logo

The Second Expeditionary Fleet is currently seeking players to role-play in:

Characters can be newly created or transferred from other Star Army of Yamatai fleets.

Players joining the 2XF should review the Guide to Military Role-Play.

How to Join

To join a plot ship, you will need to get in touch with the ship's Game Master. The Game Master and available positions should be listed on each plot ship's page. Ships are listed below:

Current Plot Ships

The 2XF currently has the following plots:

21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds

21st Squadron Emblem

The 21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds is a multi-role fighter squadron operating off the YSS Heitan. Fighter pilots are used to living on the edge, and for the soldiers of the 2X-F21 this is a daily fact of life as they operate on the edge of known space.

If you don't find anything interesting here, try other Star Army plot ships on the Active Plots.

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