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Task Force Phantom

Task Force Phantom was commanded by Tachibana Hayate. It became part of the Second Expeditionary Fleet in YE 32. It operated out of Second Expeditionary Fleet's Headquarters at Daichi System.


Task Force Phantom was a Long-Range Reconnaissance and Guerrilla operation unit comprised of two groups: Combat and Support. Its role was to seek out, and when possible, to destroy NMX supplies and positions behind the lines. Phantom is as close as it gets to the heart of the enemy, and the wrath of a far more numerically superior enemy is as much feared as welcomed with the soldiers and pilots of the Task Force.

Task Force Phantom's Game Master was Samuel. The primary method of roleplay is Single-Post with the odd Joint Post thrown in at random.

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Designation: 2X-TF-P-01 Mission: Long-Range Reconnaissance/Guerrilla Operations Command Ship: YSS Phantom


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