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4SF Star Fortresses and Shipyards

Fourth Standard Fleet

The Fourth Fleet operates the following facilities. This is where vessels assigned to the 4SF are constructed, maintained, overhauled and upgraded. They also are components of the defense force for whatever system they are located in.

Name IRN Class Commander Status/Remarks
Spirit City NK-S4-02 Iori-Class Star Fortress Deployed - Talori system
Shirakawa no Iori NK-S4-03 Iori-Class Star Fortress Deployed - Ahmar system
Taurus Star Fortress NK-S4-04 Zodiac-Class Star Fortress Deploying - Tsuyosa system (HQ)

Ships are built at the Star Fortresses by Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

Class Description Base SP Build Time
Very Light Small Escorts and Patrol Craft 10 4 days
Light Destroyers, Gunships 20 8 days
Medium Cruisers 30 12 days
Heavy Carriers, Heavy Cruisers 40 16 days
Very Heavy Battleships 50 20 days
Shipyards ~150 1 month
Star Fortresses ~300 2 months

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