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8SF Infantry Units

The Star Army Infantry's job is to combat the enemy outside of starships. Recognizable by their midnight blue colored panels, these tough and numerous soldiers typically wear power armors and fight both in space and on planets.

The following page details the infantry currently available to the Eighth Fleet.

Infantry Carrier Group

These escort ships protect the command group, and provide the extra presence and fire power to support the command vessels.

Ship Name Ship IRN Ship Class Commander Status/Remarks
YSS Centuria NC-S8-06 Sydney-class Infantry Carrier Taisa - Active
YSS Victory NC-S8-07 Sydney-class Infantry Carrier Chusa - Active
YSS Pillar of Astra NC-S8-08 Sydney-class Infantry Carrier Shosa - Active
YSS Ground and Pound NC-S8-09 Sydney-class Infantry Carrier Shosa - Active

Each Carrier Contains

That's a total of 2,400 troops with armor, 60 shuttles, 400 trucks, and 100 STVs.

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