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Eighth Standard Fleet

The Star Army of Yamatai's Eight Standard Fleet is a strong willed, and young organization of ships and soldiers. It is based at Valentine and controls the turbulent Samurai Sector. The fleet is commanded by the famous Red Lion of the Yamataian Star Army; Shizuka Endo.

8th SF's Mission

The Eighth Standard Fleet's mission is to:

Fleet Composition

The Eighth Standard fleet consists of 298 Imperial Vessels in service to the Star Army of Yamatai. The numbers are a mix of old ships thought to be destroyed after the attack on Aries star-base in YE 29, along side the ships left in the 8th's territory after the initial wave of attacks launched by the NMX at the beginning of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The capital ship had served the fleet since YE 26, and was downed and had lost its SS pod, and Taisho permanently. It was repaired, reconstructed and refurbished by the new Taisho, Shizuka Endo in honor of the fleet's lost ones.


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