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Squad 6

Squad Six is the designation of a squad in the Star Army of Yamatai's Fifth Fleet. A fairly recently created unit, it is solely trained in the art of ground warfare. The Squad is part of the fleet's First Division, Fourth Company, Second Platoon. It was formerly known as Team 43, but now has the callsign 'Canary' Squad


Official Members Rank Job Callsign Notes
Gidget Taii 2nd Platoon CO, Mission coordinator “Gidget” Platoon CO
Cassandra Tokaji Santo Juni General Infantry “Gunny” The Squad CO
Yoko Fujii Itto Heisho Demolitions “Boomy” The XO
Hitomi Suko Itto Hei Specialist: Long Range “Hawkeye”
Mari Tanaka Itto Hei Advance Scout “Roadrunner”
Chika Wakana Itto Hei Specialist: Heavy Munitions “Hammer”
Masuyo Inoue Joto Hei Field Medic “Doc”
Kira Kaiabura Nito Hei Technician “Ratchet”
Hotaru Oonishi Nito Hei Specialist: Plasma Thrower “Flash” “Ames”
Tirak Diivit Santo Hei Ex-NMX, Scout & Support “Little One” Ex-POW
Temporary Members Rank Job Callsign Notes
Kasumi Ochi Shoi Spy/intelligence “Sly” SAINT Agent


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