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Second Fleet

Second Fleet is one of the core space fleets of the Star Army of Yamatai and is made to conduct large-scale space warfare against other space navies.

The Second Fleet is based at Nataria.


The original second fleet participated in missions including: Albini Planetary Conquest, Occupation of Nepleslia, the Battle of Tau Ceti, the Elysian Battle of Ralfaris, the Jaaq'tah Battle of Ralfaris, and fought the Mishhuvurthyar in The Battle of Nepleslia. It was destroyed in YE 29 by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX), and was officially reformed in YE 30, approaching full strength again in YE 31.

In YE 36, the Second Fleet was designated as an invasion fleet, designated for conquering star systems, and was positioned in the Nataria System. Secretly, the fleet was allocated to UNION MAZE. Luckily, the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States was passed and second fleet prepared for another potential war scenario, QUIET RAGE.

In YE 38, the advent of the Kuvexian War caused a change in mission for the Second Fleet, which began to focus on fighting Kuvexians.

In YE 42, the fleet defended the Nataria against a vastly larger Kuvexian Military force in the Third Battle Of Nataria and was almost completely wiped out, including losing their commander, Taisho Fensalir Kelrina. The Star Army of Yamatai immediately began extensive work to give the Second Fleet new ships and new personnel. In late YE 42, Eikan Minato was named the new commander, and she served well in this role until being named Chief of Star Army Operations in YE 45.1.

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