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Seventh Fleet

The Seventh Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai created in late YE 30. After several years of planning and administrative tie ups the fleet was finally mobilized in YE 33.

It is currently in the Cellondora.

Official Logo

Seventh Standard Fleet
Fleet Profile
Commanding Officer Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Oversight Star Army Command
Mission Profile Rapid Response
Status Active Deployment
Current Focus Fleet Construction and Planning
Base of Operations Hotaru Star Fortress (NK-S7-01)
Secondary Base Himitsu Star Fortress (NK-S7-02)
Flagship YSS Densetsu (NF-S7-01)
No. of Warships 4081)
No. of Support Ships 282)
Manager Andrew

Overall Objectives

The 7th SF follows the Star Army of Yamatai's Mission Statement by:

  • Serving as a “rapid response” fleet committing to:
    • Interception
    • Emergency Response (Reinforcements, Diplomatic Crisis)
    • Assault & Offensive Strike
    • Resource Acquisition


The primary bulk 7th SF remains mobile as much as possible as that it is not anchored to any colonized systems. It specializes in deploying quickly and efficiently to a mission site, committing to mission objectives and then withdrawing to the fringes of known and unknown space to repair, restock and gather resources.

Fleet Planning focuses on the construction of smaller, faster vessels for the majority of ship classes in the fleet outside of the Command Group to maximize the fleet's capability to intercept and destroy targets of opportunity.

Seventh Fleet Information

7th SF


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