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Toushi Squadron Symbols and History

The Toushi Starfighter Squadron (7SF-01) motto, symbols, and history can be found below.


“Hand of the Taisho”



Official Logo

Rank Pins


The history of the Toushi Starfighter Squadron.

YE 33

Premission 01 - The Wind At Our Backs

  • At their arrival, the Launch Bay is seemingly out of order, no security officers in sight. Cargo crates cover the floor, obviously spilled out from the shuttle Ornaida, on which Robert Conagher had arrived at YSS Densetsu from Yamatai.
  • Moments after two explosions can be heard throughout the dance club, causing a lockdown. Speculations ensue, their conclusion being they are under a parasite attack and are thusly forced to maneuver through the infested corridors whilst escorting the Taisho to safety.
  • During the commotion, two parasite infected Nekovalkyrjas make their way by shuttle to their designated rendesvouz point. Having successfully fulfilled their task, they are carrying a datapad containing the specifications for components related to Hotaru and Himitsu's new hyperspace fold drives.

YE 34

Mission 1.1 - The Chase

  • The squadron deploys with the gunships, and contact is made while the gunships act as a distracting force. the group tries to slip the shuttle in relatively quietly amid the fighting. Amaya Shiori and Murasaki Emiko have a heart to heart on the battlefield.

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