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Star Army Field Rations

In times when freshly-prepared Food is unavailable, such as during field operations, the Star Army of Yamatai supplies its soldiers with rations.

See also: Star Army Foods

Current Star Army Ration Types

These are the types of rations the Star Army currently uses:

Type Description Notes Cost
Type 38 Simple meat and grain ration with flameless heater Popular with Star Army Rikugun units 15 KS
Emergency Ration Pill Nutrient pill 1 KS

Units of the Star Army of Yamatai are also authorized to purchase Emrys Emergency Rations as needed. Emrys rations are very similar to the Type 30 Star Army ones.

Obsolete Rations

These rations are no longer being produced, but might be found in older stockpiles.

Type Description Notes Cost
Type 20 Pack ration Replaced by Type 29 20 KS
Type 29 C-Type Canned ration with heater Rather complicated, creates a lot of trash 30 KS
Type 29 SC-Type Small canned ration with heater Same menu as C-Type, except no fruits/veggies 15 KS
Type 29 IS-Type Self-heating supplemental ration of rice, etc Staple only - not a complete meal 10 KS
Type 29 D-Type Dessert ration, self-heating or self-freezing Dessert only - not a complete meal 15 KS
Type 29 V-Type Vacuum-packed ration (containers heater) Same menu as C-Type 15 KS
Type 29 SV-Type Small vacuum-packed ration (contains heater) Same menu as SC-Type 10 KS
Type 29 E-Type Emergency ration with water Intended for liferafts, etc 3 for 5 KS
Type 29 B-Type Box set of rations with electric stove Contains 3 C-Type, 4 E-Type, 3 D-Type, 3 IS-Type 150 KS
Type 30 Pouch ration that includes a dessert Similar to to an MRE but without a heater 20 KS
Type 31A Simple dry rations Requires cooking, little variety 10 KS
Type 31B Breakfast ration Requires cooking, only one menu, considered a luxury 10 KS

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