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"Guriddo" Defense System

The Guriddo Defense System is the latest in star system defense used by the Yamatai Star Empire, it became available in YE 32.

Kyouheki and two Nesuto

About the Guriddo Defense System

The Guriddo has three components, Suzumebachi (Wasps) attack drones Nesuto (Nests) and Kyouheki (Parapet) defense stations that each serve a distinct function in the system.


The Guriddo (grid) Defense System was the result of a project to develop a new star system defense system. The initial concept was submitted to Ketsurui Fleet Yards by Jalen Sune in YE 31 after witnessing the disastrous failure of the existing defense systems at several key star systems; such as Nataria. The basic concept was to develop an aggressive defense system that could provide maximum destructive force, while minimizing the loss of life.


See appearance of the components.

Statistical Data


Ke-H5-W3200 - Kyouheki Defense Platforms

These are the command and control for the Ke-H5-M3200 "Nesuto" Docking Platforms and their Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones. In addition they are weapon platforms.

Kyouheki Defense Platform

Ke-H5-M3200 - Nesuto Docking platforms

These are where the Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones are stored, and launched from. Each Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms has 2 or more under its control. Nesuto Docking Platforms

Ke-H5-W3201 Suzumebachi Attack Drone

Unmanned fast attack craft that are guided by the Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms. Suzumebachi Attack Drone

Additional information

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