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Emergency Hemosynthetic Material Container


Prior to the Emergency Hemosynthetic Material Container, hemosynthetic material had already become a commonly used tool in starship repair, medical treatments, and even food preparation. Usually hemosynthetic technology is limited to small doses in medical kits, and the hemosynthetic material which flows through starships. The Emergency Hemosynthetic Material Container is a tool which has been designed to deliver hemosynthetic material where and when it is needed, especially when a supply of hemosynthetic material is not readily available.

Technical Information

The Emergency Hemosynthetic Material Container is a titanium carbide cannister which contains a pressurized amount of hemosynthetic material. The container includes a precision valve and flow control system which can control the hemosynthetic flow from the container to various pressures and rates of flow. The control valve and flow control systems are encased inside of a release nozzle assembly which can be held like the nozzle of a fire extinguisher. On the side of the nozzle assembly is a twist-able knob which provides control for the pressure of hemosynthetic flow. Located on the top of the nozzle assembly is a safety button, on the rear of the nozzle is a trigger assembly, and the front end of the nozzle has an opening for the hemosynthetic flow. The nozzle's opening includes an adjustable valve which can cause the hemosynthetic material to be released in a solid stream, various ranges of sprays, and even a slow trickle.

Standard Release Nozzle Usage

To use the Emergency Hemosynthetic Material Container, the safety button on the top of the nozzle assembly must be pushed down. After pushing the safety button, the flow selector knob can be adjusted. If the knob is not moved within three seconds of the button being pushed the knob is then locked in place at the setting which it was moved to. After the desired flow setting has been selected, the trigger of the nozzle assembly can then be pulled to release the stream of hemosynthetic fluid. Before, during, and after pulling the trigger of the nozzle, the spray valve control can be operated. The spray valve control is a small knob located on the front of the nozzle assembly. The opening of the nozzle assembly is threaded and can receive various attachments which can regulate or alter the ejection of hemosynthetic material from the nozzle.


Current available attachments for the hemosynthetic material container include:

Standard release nozzle, Medical grade valve assembly, automated response valve (Triggered by fire or zero atmosphere), fire suppression nozzle, ration delivery nozzle (delivers a set amount of hemosynthetic material per usage), HSCS interface valve (For refilling).

Container Sizes

Half pint, pint, liter, two liter, gallon, three gallon, backpack mounted ten gallon container.

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