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Star Army Admiral's Suite

The Admiral's Suite is the quarters on the Yamato-Class Flagship that are dedicated for the fleet/group commander. The quality of the furnishings typically reflect upon the rank of the admiral.


The suite consists of the following rooms:

Admiral's Suite


The bedroom is spacious by comparison to other quarters on ships. It is located between the living room and the bathroom. It contains a full-size bed, with high thread count sheets, a blanket with Star Army Logo and four pillows. On either side of the headboard are two wooden night tables with lamps. There is a wooden dresser attached to the left wall, a walk-in closet, and a chair. The closet is located on the left side of the room opposite entrance to the bathroom. The floor of the room is covered in a low pile shag rug. A door on the front right leads to the living room. A bookcase with netting is also located on the left side of the room.


The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, vanity mounted sink, mirror, shower, and a large jacuzzi tub. These features are typically porcelain rather than the stainless steel. The fittings are usually coated in precious metals, such as gold or titanium. The shower and tub are on the left side of the room behind a translucent wall with a door, a vent fan is mounted in the ceiling to draw out excess moisture. The bathroom floor is tile covered, and has underfloor heating.

Living Room

The living room also serves as a place for meeting dignitaries or guests. It has two couches, a coffee table, end tables for each couch. An eight place wooden dining table. A wet-bar is present on the left side of the room beneath a Volumetric window. There is a door on the right side of the rear wall that leads to the bedroom. A second door on the right side of the room leads to a corridor. A third door in the front wall leads to the office. The floor is covered in wooden flooring. A display case is mounted on the right way for the admiral to display what objects they see fit.


Part of the Admiral's Suite is the Admiral's Office.

Admiral's Office


The main feature of this room is the executive style wooden desk with a leather chair behind it. Behind the desk is a Star Army Flag. Integrated into the desk is a touch screen panel that connects to the computer. Two chairs are also in the room in front of the desk. A trash can is in the corner of the room behind the desk. There are two doors to the office. One leads into the living room, the other leads to the Aide's office. On the wall in front of the desk is a Volumetric window.

Aide's Office

The aides office serves as a reception are for persons having business with the admiral. It has a door that leads to the Admiral's office and another to the corridor. There is a desk with a chair, a file cabinet, a small couch is in the room for waiting people. A trash can is located next to the desk.

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