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Basic Small Starship Bridge (Miharu type)

The rear area of the bridge is elevated from the rest to divide the command area from the rest of the operations. The commander's chair sits roughly in the middle of the bridge just on the edge and overlooks on the stations below. A half-ring of fully programmable console brings to the commander's fingertips many functions of the ship through her direct control if need be, though the stations below offer more specialized monitors and control interfaces.

The rear bulkhead (behind the commander's chair) has a cushioned bench where bridge crewmembers may lounge - or offer extra seating space for crewmembers not part of the bridge staff, either to spectate, to consult and such (also applies to very important passengers). Higher on the wall is a large Master Situation Monitor which displays situationally relevant information such as damage, power distribution and other information for an easily accessible detailed overview of the Miharu's status.

To the commander's left is a set of stairs which descend the four feet required to reach the recessed portion of the bridge. While there are no stairs to the commander's right, an hatch allows access to a crawlway which goes under and across the rear section of the bridge to reach the ship's computer.

Below in the recessed portion of the deck, are three consoles. Directly to the fore of the commander is the communication/navigation console, usually called Flight Control. Sitting directly in front of the main holographic emitter, the station includes advanced flight control, astrometric navigation, relativistic effect monitors for high sublight speed travel, combined field geometry displays when traveling faster-than-light and finally fold drive system control for interstellar travel (note: while the ship's IES can manage most of these functions automatically, they are so critical that live supervision is required, especially in a crisis).

To the left of Flight Control is the Tactical Station, dedicated to defensive system control of the starship. Its layout includes information on the internal protection of the starship and crew (emergency systems status, escape pod status monitoring, atmospheric/forcefield system) as well as controls for the vessels weaponry (aether beam cannon, turreted particle cannons, variable pod configuration and launch, torpedo launcher system and ammunition loadout). Other functions the tactical console includes are graviton beam control, probe control, fire control-related sensor access as well as management of entry and egress from the ship for fighters, shuttle and power armors.

To the right of the Flight Control station is the Ship Operations console, which includes long-and-short-range sensor control, extensive access to the IES computer database, mission operation (monitoring the status of the crew to complete objectives outside the ship), environmental control (includes life support and HSCS-system control), power and resource management.

All the consoles on the bridge are digital touch screens which can be reconfigured to different function depending on need and task workload for smoother operations.

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