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Star Army Standard Blast Shutters

⚠ The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.

Shutter type and locations should be listed on a ship's stats, if feasible.


The ship contains numerous blast shutter systems in the passageways. These shutters will automatically close and lock if the ship experiences any significant disturbance. When a shutter is locked, it will say “LOCKING SYSTEM ENGAGED,” in pink letters on a display on the shutter. If unlocked, it will say “LOCKING SYSTEM DISENGAGED” in light blue letters. “LOCKING SYSTEM CYCLING,” appears briefly in white when the doors are unlocking or locking. The shutters cannot be opened if locked, and can only be unlocked from the bridge, or by the captain or computer system. Once unlocked the shutters can be opened by the control panel on each of them, but they can not be raised remotely. Note: If you attempt to open a blast shutter where there is a vacuum on the other side, it will warn you and ask you if you are sure you want to open the shutter.


Shutters will function even if the ship has lost computer control and/or main power.

Types of Blast Shutters

There are currently three kinds of blast shutters available for use on Star Army of Yamatai vessels.

Standard Blast Shutter

Commonly found on older vessels. Blast shutters consist of two heavy grade starship armor panels. When the panels overlap and interlock; this gives them their strength and creates an airtight seal.

The panels are pneumatically driven to deploy and retract. When locked an armature is engaged that prevents the panel from moving and disables the pneumatics. Most blast shutters take three seconds to fully engage and seal.

Warning: Blast shutters do not have safety features to prevent injury in the event a person is in the way of the shutters. Amputation and or death may result if caught in a closing shutter.

Forcefield-Nested Isolation Door

Based on the Himiko-class Light Escort's Atmospheric Field System; these solid Yamataium doors interlock to form airlock quality seals. Forcefield generators are located in the frame on each side of the door emitting barriers that maintain the ship's pressure and atmosphere, in the manner of the field generators typically used for KFY rapid-launch bays. The graviton fields projected also serve as obstacles for intruders and can withstand the punishment of explosions and other attacks. In the event of power failure, these fields are maintained by six hour batteries.

Enhanced Blast Shutter

In YE 32, all blast shutters on Star Army of Yamatai ships were upgraded to include an air-containment forcefield, allowing damage control teams to open a blast shutter and move into a decompressed area without having to decompress the neighboring compartment. They have all the features of the standard blast shutter listed above.

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