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Star Army Flag War room

The War-room on the Yamato-Class Flagship is dedicated for fleet/group commander to oversee all engagements.

The war-room is a large chamber that is two decks high. A walkway rings the room above the lower level, the walkway has a transparent wall so that anyone walking on it has an unobstructed view of most of the room. From this walkway the Command Platform extends.

The lower part of the room consists of stations along the outer wall, with displays above them. They are used by personnel to gather and filter information to the war table. The war table is a large hexagonal conference table. There are chairs for the admirals staff. The center of the table is a volumetric display. There are two Ke-T8-M3102 Comfort Module positioned on opposite sides of the room for the staff.

Flag War room

The admiral uses the Command Platform to oversee the war-room. It has a console, and a chair for the admiral. It projects from the aft wall, and has transparent walls. The platform can be lowered to allow the admiral to walk over to the table.

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