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Star Army Large Crew Cabin, Type 40

This larger version of the Standard Star Army Crew Cabin (Enlisted) was devised by Kage Yaichiro in YE 40 for the Star Army of Yamatai as the Star Army Large Crew Cabin, Type 40, for a larger refit program. The intent was to make a cabin that could be used in configurations of two or four occupants via the transformative capability of the Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40 or the Star Army Nekovalkyrja Nest/Life Raft, Type 40 and had more available room than previous offerings for a boost in morale on long term deep space or combat assignments. Though the typical space for the room is 5m x 5m x 2.5m, dimensions anywhere from 5m x 4m x 2m to even 6m x 6m x 4m are possible. The size and shape of the room is determined, to a degree, by the contours of the deck in which the room is found.

Intended Uses

Unlike other offerings which are designed as a minimalist living space, the Large Crew Cabin is meant to make a larger-feeling living space for crew serving in long term assignments on ships that have sufficient room. The room is comparable in size to or even larger than some officers' cabins, though they typically sleep two or four crew. Because of this, vessels may have a number of these rooms reserved for their officers but either limit them to two people or reconfigure it to single person occupancy. Generally, these rooms are intended to improve morale when the vessel's dimensions allow while still being able to move to a higher density occupancy if required.

If even more space is needed, it is possible to wheel in additional Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40 variants and increase occupancy in a pinch. It is also possible to use a Star Army Nekovalkyrja Nest/Life Raft, Type 40 to sleep a couple dozen NH-33M (Miniature).


The room typically has room has two variants of the Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40 with drawers and two bunks or a Star Army Nekovalkyrja Nest/Life Raft, Type 40, two separate desks with chairs, four overhead lights, and four bureaus. The walls are notable for having Volumetric Windows and built-in audio systems that can further open the room up by showing the space outside the ship, video or live scenes from various places in the Empire, transmission or communication two-way feeds from inside or outside the ship, scenes of various types of entertainment media, or even as a computer access terminal. It should be noted that when a nest is used, the desks and lights are moved to accommodate and the volumetric screen reconfigures itself into one larger display on one side of the room.

Each bureau is a four drawer model reserved fully for each occupant. In cases where only two people are in the room, it is not uncommon for the two spare bureaus to be left unused unless permission is obtained from the CO for their use. In cases where the rooms are occupied by NH-33M (Miniature), it is considered common storage space. It is possible to open the face panel of the bureau and use the revealed space on either side of the drawers as a tiny bit of hangar space for things that must not be folded or are too tall for the drawers, but the folding of clothes is notably preferred. This space can also serve as a secondary location for folding chairs. The individual drawers are removable, waterproof, and washable.

The bunk beds are usually in their portable form and thus are exclusively used as beds when the room has one or two occupants – giving the room a nice and open feel with two beds and two desks. If a Star Army Footlocker, Type 32 is assigned to an occupant, it is placed at the foot of the bed. When three or four people are assigned to the room, however, the bunk beds are shifted out of their portable form and into their bunkbed state. Each footlocker is then placed under the drawer of the extended bed to save space, and the end result is a room with four beds and four desks. The beds are also compatible with virtual reality simulations(including the Virtual Collective Experience) , albeit one whose hours and times are regulated by the superior officers. It can also be used for telepresence or as an option for supplemental training(such as through VCE Training). Incremental Soul Transfers can also be made, backing up at a rate of six hours for each hour slept, provided certain security prerequisites are met.

When a Star Army Nekovalkyrja Nest/Life Raft, Type 40 is used instead, it typically sleeps between 1 and 4 Nekovalkyrja but can handle as many as 6. It can easily hold a couple dozen NH-33M (Miniature), and is considered a viable sleeping option for them as well.

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