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Star Army Onsen

The standard starship Star Army of Yamatai onsen is a circular bath that may fit up to ten occupants decorated to create a calm atmosphere with an attached changing room and is usually located adjacent to showers on a starship or installation. It is a hub of social activity and is open to any gender no matter the time.

More about the Star Army Onsen

Onsens on Star Army vessels or installations have many things in common, such as a shishi-odoshi that is a bamboo rod lifted by two others that fills with cool water and intermittently plops water down, making a small noise as it hits the rock below. They most certainly all have a large circular pool that is usually surrounded by dark rocks with a little step up into the pool and steps to exit and enter within the pool itself. There are also artificially grown red maple shrubs in the back corner between where the circular pool nearly meets the corner behind it. The pool is pushed towards the rear of the room with pale bamboo slatted flooring and a few drains on the hard flooring beneath the wooden slats, which extend up the walls.

It is a generally peaceful place to be and the steamy room is reportedly both calming and regenerative. The benefits of having a place of this kind on the ship are innumerable, but predominantly it is important for the crew morale.

It is required that one bathe in the adjacent showers before coming into the onsen's continually recycled water. Changing rooms and small foot lockers are just outside of the onsen's primary room. The onsen is a great place for Dare Lottery Party and getting to know your fellow crew members or those aboard the ship.

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