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Standard Star Army Crew Cabin (Enlisted)

The standard Star Army crew cabin is small and cozy, containing most of the essentials for living. Intended for two enlisted crew members, it is just large enough for a bunk bed and a desk. The bunk beds are soft and quite comfortable. They have white sheets and crimson blankets, and two pillows for each bed (one cotton/feather, one foam).

The far wall from the single sliding door (at the entrance) consists of a number of stacked storage compartments, including two locker-style cabinets for hanging clothes. The desk area (which has slightly more walking area because it isn't as deep as the bed) is located deeper into the room to give a sense of privacy and to make the rear wall more accessible. The desk comes with a padded rolling chair with armrests.

Overhead lightning is provided, as well as a desk lamp. Floors are carpeted in the standard Star Army crimson. Showers and toilet facilities aren't in the room, but are always nearby.

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