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Standard Star Army Crew Shower

Star Army Crew Shower installations take one of two forms, standalone, or communal.

Stand Alone Shower unit

The shower units are cylindrical one meter in diameter and two meters tall. The shower panels are transparent but can be polarized to become opaque for privacy. The shower opens with two curved doors in the front. The doors are to keep the moisture inside the shower. The floor of the shower is slightly sloped towards the rear for drainage. Shower units use on-demand hot water heaters.

The showers have nine shower heads, water intensity can be varied from normal spray to massaging pulses. The showers are voice command controlled, for temperature, pressure, number of shower heads and nozzle setting. When the water is turned off two blowers engage and force warm air at the occupant, this helps to drive the airborne moisture out as well as removing the majority of water from the occupants body.

Shower units are self cleaning, five minutes after being used, it deploys an anti-bacterial, disinfecting, cleaning foam, and the rinses the interior clean.

Communal Showers

Communal showers are common when crew quarters do not include private facilities. These consist of multiple showers installed in a single room. The showers are functionally the same as the Stand Alone model, except that the shower panels are removed.

Changing room

In installations with multiple shower units, a changing room is provided where the users can disrobe, or dress. Lockers are provided to store their clothes and such.

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