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Star Army Dojo

The standard Star Army of Yamatai dojo is designed not for anything other than the training of the mind and body. It is a plain room with minimal equipment but boasts the ability to satiate the needs of many typical training programs.

More About the Standard Dojo

The size of the room differs on ship class, but the general components remain the same. On one wall is a door with a small carpeted section and a two-tiered rack on the ground for shoes and socks to be placed. Beyond that small carpeted area and in the rest of the room is a pale wooden floor which is specially sprung and polished. On the walls of the room excluding the wall nearest the carpeted section which the door is on, there are mirrors for watching ones technique and form as well as the form and technique of the others in the room, if applicable.

Mats are off to the right side stacked on the extension of the carpeted area for ground techniques or grappling. In front of that, further from the door, is an adjustable folding weight bench with a bar and weight racks. Beside that are dumbbell racks. To the left of the door, the wooden floor extends and there is a 80 lb heavy weight bag for working with. The front left and center of the space is left open and bare for practicing techniques, kata and for sparring.

It is traditional to bow when entering through the doorway and again when walking onto the wooden floor. Once a week, it is recommended that the wooden floors are polished by cleaning them with washrags. Every inch of the floor should be cleaned, though the ship could clean the room and does so after every use, it is in good practice to clean the room by hand to garner respect for the space.

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