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Standard Star Army Maintenance Conduits

The ship has a network of internal passageways running throughout the ship alongside arteries for power, environmental fluids, and ventilation systems. A typical maintenance tunnel is a long, tubular compartment ribbed with support framing and lined with various pipes, cables, and wires securely fastened along the walls. There is typically a small cushioned crawlway on the top and bottom of each passageway, and tough cloth straps for pulling oneself along; lights are sparsely distributed along the walls. There is no artificial gravity and minimal heating inside the maintenance conduits.

Conduits are usually quite loud inside, due to the vast amounts of electrical systems present in starships. The complex nature of the starship means technicians will have to visit these conduits every so often to keep the ship in top working order, especially after intense battles. Conduits also allow access to some of the ship's more remote areas.

Conduits are sealed with special hatches (which are rather small-too small for even a Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor but just big enough for an average Nekovalkyrja) at regular intervals as a precaution against decompression. Some areas of the ship (particularly, near engineering) have larger conduits where upright walking is possible; these branch off into the smaller tunnels.

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