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Standard Medium Starship Bridge (Sakura type)

First used on the Sakura-class Light Gunship and later on other ships such as the Irim-class Heavy Gunship.

Command Level

The command bridge is located in a bubble on the top level of the ship and is somewhat akin to a balcony, overlooking the main bridge on the deck below. There are three stations on the command bridge, set in octagonal pits. The seats are cushioned heavily with red suede over thick foam, with large headrests, armrests, and thick harnesses to keep the crew secure, and are bolted to the floor but can rotate if unlocked. The captain's chair sits slightly higher than the two stations and is nestled between them in the center; it can also be used (by Nekovalkyrja) as helm control through SPINE, or (by humans) via a retractable set of standard two-stick controls. The command bridge is bordered with a fifteen-centimeter-thick white padded rail that runs around the platform's edge, and has ladders on either side leading down to the main bridge. Only officers are allowed on the command bridge.

Command Level Layout

Stations of the command bridge include:

  • Command
  • Communications / Sensors
  • Navigation

Main Bridge

The main bridge, located on the floor below, contains most of the workstations. It is a restricted area; only authorized personnel are allowed. A large doorway at the rear of the main bridge connects it to the ship's main passageway. The entire ceiling of the bridge dome is covered in an array of screens, giving the crew a massive field of vision. The outside edge of the balcony above features a volumetric display system that projects smaller floating windows as needed. As with all interior walls of the ship, the bridge's interior is white.

Each station include several control panels, a telephone, a desk area with cupholder, and a dark red adjustable chair. Chairs are made from comfortable foam padding and covered with soft yet durable polyester. They are generally locked into place, but can be unlocked and rolled around on retractable wheels if desired.

Stations on the main bridge as listed below:

Systems and Safety Monitoring

This station monitors the interior of the ship, making sure all components are operating within normal conditions. The safety station is often used for damage control, since it can easily pinpoint systems failures and interal damage. The safety station can also be used to oversees countermeasures against intruders. The station is notable for its large diagram of the ship.

Location: Left wall, immediately to the left of sensors

External Sensors

This station is designed for monitoring the space around the starship. It is important to keep an eye out for the enemy, and other potentially interesting or dangerous phenomena. Also used an a secondary communications station if the command bridge on is unmanned.

Location: Front left wall

Pilot's Pit

This recessed station lies in a sunken area at the front of the bridge. Pilots recline in a large, comfortable chair with a harness system, designed to keep the pilot in place and protected. The chair supports SPINE and SLICS connections and also has two joysticks for manual piloting. The pilot's station has the ability to fire all forward-facing weaponry (although it must be first enabled at the captain's station).

There is a forward viewscreen on the wall above the pilots' pit, which can be used for piloting or communication.

Location: Center front

Weapons Systems

The weapons systems station controls the ships' weapons. From this station, one can launch pods, order new pods, identify and select targets, and fire the ship's energy beams (from the combined field). The weapons systems station is also responsible for managing power armor deployment (except when the mission operations table is used). This station is typically unmanned except during combat, except to use graviton beams.

Location: Front right wall

Field System

On Star Army ships, the Combined Field System is crucial; it serves as the ship's propulsion, its shielding, its stealth, and more. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it is necessary to strike a balance between its various aspects. The Combined Field System station allows a controller to monitor, adjust, and attempt repair on the ship's field. While typically not manned during normal operation, it is critical to man this station during combat.

Location: Right wall, immediately next to Weapons Systems

Mission Operations

Used for mission planning and monitoring of away missions and power armor missions, the mission operations station is an elliptical table in the center of the main bridge, which is typically covered in holographic maps. The mission operations table is used for navigation when the command bridge is unmanned.

Location: Center

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