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Standard Passageways

This style of passageway is the standard for Star Army of Yamatai starships built YE 30 and onward.


The floor is composed of durable fireproof carpeting. Passages are approximately 2 meters wide.


Walls in the standard passageway are covered with white cushions and soft but strong loops of red cloth (in case of loss of gravity characters who cannot propel themselves (such as Nepleslians) will have to pull themselves along using the loops). Some of the cushions (which are labeled accordingly) are removable and contain lockers of environmental suits, medical kits, and other supplies behind them.


The ceilings have a plastic mesh that partially conceals pipes and disperses the light from bright white lights above the passageway.


Doorways and hatchways are slightly recessed into the walls. Each doorway features a small control panel to its right for communications and operation of locking mechanisms.

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