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Ke-A1-R4200 Vehicle Subspace Deployment System

The Vehicle Subspace Deployment System (VSDS) was developed to improve launch and recovery of a ships small craft complement. It went into production in YE 42.

The VSDS uses components developed by Kage Yaichiro with modifications.


The VSDS is the equivalent of a catapult system without using moving physical methods of launching. The VSDS has two modes of operation both of which use subspace encapsulation.

  • Normal - used for routine vehicle deployment.
    • Atmospheric craft range from 200 kph (124.27 mph) to 2,143 kph (1,332 mph)
    • Spacecraft range from 3,581 kph (2,225 mph) to .375c
  • Tactical - used to launch craft at high velocities.
    • Atmospheric craft speed up to 7,163 kph (4,450 mph)
    • Spacecraft range up to .1c to .75c, as needed.
  • Recovery - used to bring vehicles back aboard the ship. The system uses Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array to assist damage craft land safely.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Jan 5, 2020

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