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Ke-M2-W4100 Aether Sidearm

Entering the production line of Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 41 the Aether Sidearm was intended as a lighter alternative to the monstrous Heavy Aether Pistol. As less of a hand cannon, the Aether Sidearm fits more into its namesake’s role as a secondary weapon. Due to its innovative recoil compensating system and relatively low output, the aether sidearm can be used by unarmored personnel, though it is strongly advised to avoid doing so as the recoil will still cause injuries straight down to the bone.

About the Aether Sidearm

After the release of the Heavy Aether Pistol, an intelligence officer named Candon Howard Suites became fascinated with the weapon and incurred a head injury while training, attempting to dual-wield heavy pistols. During a maneuver the massive recoil from one of the pistols caused him to hit himself in the face, crushing the weapon and causing a minor explosion in his face. Although his Mindy 4 powered armor protected him from the blast with only a minor head injury, it gave him an idea for a counterpart to the heavy pistol that was less extreme.

After months of designing a detailed schematic of his idea he submitted it to the Star Army Research Administration which accepted the project and completed the design. The result was a moderately accurate, low recoil, semi and fully automatic pistol with minimal power requirements and appreciable punch.

The entire design is built around an innovative application of graviton manipulation technology. When the trigger is pulled power is sent to a part called the ‘gravity brake’ which consists of a miniature, durandium-wrapped graviton projector connected to a shock absorber. The graviton projector momentarily infuses the durandium with gravitons to artificially increase its weight by 1000 times. As the pistol jumps back the shock absorber compresses against the durandium. By the time the shock absorber is fully compressed the majority of the force of recoil has been absorbed and the gravitons in the durandium weight have dissipated. The shock absorber returns to its original position at a quick but controlled rate with no noticeable feedback to the user.

To shooters wearing powered armor the pistol recoil is easily controlled, smooth, and makes it possible for the shooter to maintain tight groupings while on the move. To unarmored nekovalkyrja and military Minkan the recoil is barely controllable without the integrated stock deployed, a miniature device loosely related to the Kalamari manipulator arm system that deploys a form-fitting Yarvex stock. For exceptionally strong Humans it is possible to handle this weapon, however, it is considered bad for one's health due to its borderline bone bruising recoil.

Nomenclature Information

The following section contains general information about the Ke-M2-W4100 Aether Sidearm, such as its designer, its nomenclature, its intended role, and its dimensions.


The ke-m2-w4100 aether sidearm is a beefy pistol with a blocky Yama-Dura frame topped by a sleek Osmiridium cover from which the barrel protrudes. Just below the barrel is the service cap to the shock absorber and directly below that is the camera sight. There is an ambidextrous on/off switch near the thumb. At the rear of the gun, above the grip is a small opening in which a collapsing Yarvex stock can extend to convert the pistol into a carbine. Unpainted, the gun is generally polished to a gleaming finish though can be requested in cornflower blue.

Discharge Information

The following section contains information about the Ke-M2-W4100 Aether Sidearm's firing characteristics, including but not limited to rate of fire, degree of recoil, and effective range.

  • Muzzle Flash: The weapon emits a distinct white flash when discharged.
  • Retort: Each shot creates a loud snap or pop, similar to a firecracker.
  • Pulse Appearance: The pulse appears momentarily as a white streak 1.5 cm in diameter, with a pinkish after image.
  • Maximum3) Range:
    • Space: 150,000 km 4)
    • Atmosphere: 500 km 5)
  • Effective6) Range:
    • Space: 1,500 km 7)
    • Atmosphere: 1 Km 8)
  • Rate of Fire: 600 RPM, Semi-auto 9)
  • Recoil: Light recoil in PA, extremely heavy without. Unsafe for use when unarmored. Doing so will likely cause mild to severe damage to an unarmored user's wrists, shoulder, and arms. Strongly recommended to be heavily braced when firing.

Energy Source

The following section contains information about the Ke-M2-W4100 Aether Sidearm's energy source and capacity.

  • Energy Type: Aether
  • Purpose: Tier 4 Light Anti-Armor
  • Capacity: The Aether Sidearm loads a BU-M20 battery holding enough power for 100 pulses before needing to recharge. This pistol is unable to connect to the forearm cables of a Mindy and Daisy PA, charging is done by placing the pistol into a the holster-charger provided with the weapon.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Full and Semi-automatic.
  • Loading: The BU-M20 is built into the unit under the barrel ahead of the trigger. Swapping is done by pushing the osmiridium cover forward and up and pulling the exposed battery.
  • Charging: It takes 15 seconds for a holstered sidearm to recharge a depleted battery.
  • Mode Selector: The mode selector is fully mechanical. An ambidextrous on/off switch is on the side. The trigger has two stages, the first fires in Semi-automatic and has a light trigger pull while the second stage fires in full-auto and has a trigger weight too heavy for a Neko to pull.
  • Safety Mechanism: The weapon has an on/off switch.
  • Weapon Sight: A x20 AIES camera scope is built-in beneath the barrel in lieu of iron sights.
  • Attachment Hard Points: The default casing of the sidearm has only an attachment on the rear for a stock, though an alternate casing has Type 40 YIRS on top, bottom, and sides.


Optional Attachments

The attachments and components which can be installed on or within the Ke-M2-W4001 Heavy Aether Pistol are listed below.

  • Ke-M2-W4100 Charging Holster
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Horizontal Canted Fore Grip
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Vertical Fore Grip
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Rail-Mounted Laser Sight
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Holographic Sight
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Holographic Red Dot Sight
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Variable Zoom Multi-Spectrum AIES-Linking 20x Scope
  • Ke-M2-W4001 Heat and Trauma Resistant Power Armor Grade Sling

OOC Notes

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12.6 in
7.72 lbs
Farthest bolt can go before dissipating all energy
93,205 miles
310.69 miles
Distance at which bolt begins to dissipate energy
932 miles
0.62 miles
Restricted to semi-auto when not paired to PA.

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