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Ke-E1-P3200 Thrust Vectoring Aether Drive

The Ke-E1-P3200 Thrust Vectoring Aether Drive was designed for the Hayai-Class Gunboat; it became available in YE 32.

The Ke-E1-P3200 was developed to improve the performance of traditional Turbo Aether Plasma drives for combat maneuvers. This redesign was intended to increase the survivability of the gunboat. They are mounted as wide as possible on the ship's hull also improve maneuverability. The Ke-E1-P3200 is equipped with thrust vectoring vents. These allow the engine to generate thrust in other directions by venting the aether plasma out the side vents instead of the main nozzle. The vents can focus the thrust up to 90 degrees, starting perpendicular to the engine to forward. This allows the Hayai to execute maneuvers that other ships can not perform with standard uni-directional Turbo Aether Plasma. The vents are shielded to protect them from the destructive nature of the aether plasma. Prolonged continuous use of the vector thrust can cause the shielding to fail and the drive will shut down.

Safety protocols will engage if the vector thrust is engaged continuously for five minutes.

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