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Ketsurui Fleet Yards' Type KiS-2408es escape pods, each able to hold up to four people, are capable of sustaining life for 72 hours and contain 36 standard Star Army Field Rations, Type 29, 72 gallons of Water, a WickedArms TA-17 Survival Kit , and a WickedArms TA-13 Field Surgery Kit . The pods also have a stasis function, and can support their occupants in stasis for over a century. Each pod contains a homing device, but it must be manually activated. The pods will automatically put themselves into a safe descent if there is a planet nearby (rather than burning up in the atmosphere).

Date entered service: YE 24

In YE 34, over 150 million escape pods of this type were removed from scuttled ships at Scrapyard System and used to provide shelter to evacuees of the former United Outer Colonies region. The pods were placed on Hanako's World and on Anisa.

Starships Using the KiS-2408es

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