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Personal Automated Weather Sensor Pack

By providing accurate weather like many other sophisticated weather devices, the PAWS-Pack is an integrated weather sensor system designed for power armor and ground personnel to help improve their tactics and their long ranged weapons' accuracy for the Star Army of Yamatai. It is a part of the yam_weather_sensor. Created late YE 39.

Statistical Data

Below is the statistical data of the pack:


Here is the general info for the pack: Nomenclature: KZ-G-E032 Type: Weather Sensor Original Designer: Teien Eden and Iemochi Seinosuke Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Fielded by: Personal and Power Armors Organizations using: Star Army of Yamatai


Here are the dimensions of the pack: Length: .2 meters (.6 feet) Width: .2 meters (.6 feet) Height: .5 meters (1.6 feet) - 1.5 meters (2.25 feet) Mass: 2 kg

General Information

The device is a basically shaped like a regular cylindrical backpack with two 1 meter long retractable rods on top. On one of the rods is an anemometer for measuring wind speed, while the other holds a Doppler radar for measuring storms. Situated on the side is a lightning detector. A vented Stenvenson Screen in the center holds most of the other weather sensors


The device is mostly powered by a rechargeable capacitor, which lasts 48 hours, and solar panels covering the outside. The capacitor can be recharged by deploying solar panels or connecting the device to alternative power source when not in use.


The device mainly communicates via a wireless connection to a nearby Star Army Communicator, Type 29 using a nonlethal radio-frequency laser. For power armors, the weather device can be linked up to Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES). It then uses both laser and type 29 communicator/AIES to communicate with other nearby weather devices to improve accuracy and range.

Weather Sensors

Unlike the normal electromagnetic sensors on a starship that can detect large clouds, the PAWS-Pack has a Doppler Weather Radar; a microwave sensor specifically calibrated to measure cloud precipitation and identifying storms. The system uses it own special hex-core processor to analyze data and predict the weather accurately up 36 hours in advance. Note in the table below the “Solo range” reflects the accuracy range over which the weather sensor are 99.99% accurate if there is only one device. When using more than one device, each individual pack contributes it solo range values to the group. By using multiple PAWS-Packs in tandem, the one can increase the sensor accuracy range to a maximum “Network Range”. Note the Lightning detector sensor requires at least 3 PAWS-Packs be present to work.

Sensor Type Number Measurement Solo Range Network Range Limits
Doppler Weather Mini-Radar Active 1 Storm Id.; Precipitation 20 km 100 km none
Lightning detector Passive 1 Storm Id.; Lightning 50 km min. of 3
Digital Thermometer Passive 1 Temperature 5 m 5 m
Digital Barometer Passive 1 Pressure 5 m 5 m
Digital Hygrometer Passive 1 Humidity 5 m 5 m
Anemometer Passive 1 Wind Speed 10 m 40 m

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