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Star Army Manuals

This is the repository for manuals of the Star Army of Yamatai. Each manual contains detailed “how to” information that shows the standard procedures for carrying out the functions of the military.

Field Manuals
Number Title Notes
FM 1 Operations
FM 1-1 Drill and Ceremony Troop commands, marching, and movement
FM 1-2 Hand to Hand Combat
FM 1-3 Planetary Combat
FM 1-4 Space Combat
FM 1-5 Working in Microgravity
FM 1-6 Survival
FM 2 Personnel Personnel acquisition, management, promotions
FM 3 Intelligence Collection and analysis of information. Intelligence
FM 3-1 SAINT Assassination Training Guide
FM 4 Logistics Star Army Logistics. Inventory and supply
FM 4-1 Star Army Equipment The list of equipment used by the Star Army of Yamatai.
FM 5 Technology Use of technology in the Star Army
FM 5-1 Engineering Tactics Manual
FM 6 Communications For communications and IT
FM 7 Science For scientists
FM 7-1 Physics
FM 7-2 Biology
FM 7-3 Chemistry
FM 8 Medicine For medics and doctors. See Star Army Medical
FM 8-1 Humans Anatomy and medical treatments for Humans
FM 8-2 Nekovalkyrja Anatomy and medical treatments for Nekovalkyrja
FM 9 Starships Use of starships
FM 10 Command For captains and unit commanders
FM 11 Law For military police
FM 12 Food Service For cooks
FM 13 Piloting For pilots
FM 14 Emergency Services Covers firefighting and disaster work, humanitarian operations
FM 14-1 Providing for Refugees
FM 15 Mathematics
FM 16 Blink Tactics Guide Starship combat tactical reference employing natural FTL denial
FM 20 The Star Army Overview of the Star Army of Yamatai
FM-20-1 Star Army Uniforms
Technical Manuals
Number Title Notes
TM 29-1408-070-12 NH-7 Old

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