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Mass Production Infantry (YE 30)

Mass Production Infantry were produced by the Star Army of Yamatai until the program was banned by law:

Proposal #78 - Cloned Humans Ban Act

  1. Cancel the Mass Production Infantry system recently proposed by the Star Army of Yamatai.
  2. Reinforce the idea of continuing to create individualized Nekovalkyrja.
  3. Promote through incentives the birthing of more Nekovalkyrja.
  4. Bolster the recruiting of Yamataian citizens.


  1. ST cloning. It does not create empty, wasted life, but simply furthers life already established.
  2. ST backups. See above.


“The Star Army of Yamatai should be a moral organization that values the lives it puts into service, on the front lines, protecting this Empire. That the military is willing to produce and/or clone humans, when a vast population of willing Nekovalkyrja is ready and able, shows that the military has stopped valuing those lives. This must be corrected immediately, if we are to remain not only a military power, but a moral power in the galaxy.” – Sen. Yasuko Kurokawa, C. Yamatai

About The Mass Production Infantry

These soldiers have never known anything but war; they were born into it. After proposals for robot equivalents of Nekovalkyrja were turned down, the Star Army of Yamatai turned back to the old Nekovalkyrja-cloning factories for its supply of fresh, combat ready troops.

Mass Production Infantry are typically NH-29. Strong, healthy, genetically engineered bodies are artificially generated in hemosynthetic tubes in a factory like the Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30 and then each body is infused with consciousness via a Mental Copy Machine with all the necessary skills for their job…being a soldier.

Like most Sprites, mass production infantry soldiers can grow, as they experience the world, into fully sapient beings and, like other sprites, they are also free to live life as they wish upon living 8 years. MPI soldiers each have a barcode genetically tattooed on their lower backs.

Standard MPI Equipment

Each soldier, when leaving the factory, is equipped with the following simple gear:

Standard MPI Knowledge

Soldiers are infused with in-depth tactical training and programming just after their creation. Each soldier is ready to go into battle as soon as he/she leaves the facility.

MPI Soldiers' skills include:

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on December 17, 20071)

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