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Occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai

The Star Army of Yamatai trains its soldiers with both common skills and one of the following specialized occupations. A Star Army soldier may only have one primary occupation. A soldier's occupation determines their assignment. Feel free to add insight, notes, and characters' personal experiences to the the occupational pages. For information on joining the Star Army as one of these occupations, see Star Army Recruiting.


Here's a list of all known Star Army of Yamatai occupations.

PageMOS CodeColorMinimum RankMax RankDescription
Star Army AdvisorSantô HeiShôshôUnconventional Networking Advisors
Star Army Soldier01
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoUnspecialized enlisted soldiers
Star Army Infantry01B
Santô HeiTaisaCombat arms soldiers
Star Army Fleet Scout01F
Santô HeiShôshôShip-launched scouts
Star Army Giretsu Infantry01G
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoAdvanced Infantry
Star Army Rikugun Kamirakurai01K
Santô HeiShôshôShock Troopers
Star Army Rikugun Ranger01R
Santô HeiShôshôBackline Raiders
Star Army Frontier Guard01Z
Santô HeiShôshôSilent Service
Star Army Clerk02
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoClerical & admin soldiers
Star Army Journalist02C/02P
Santô HeiTaisaSANDRA article writers
Star Army Recruiter02R
Nitô HeishoJôtô HeishoNCOs evaluating potential recruits
Star Army Intelligence Operative03
Santô HeiTaisaInformation collection agents
Star Army Intelligence Analyst03C
Santô HeiTaisaInformation analysts
Star Army Cargo and Supply04
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoLogistics soldiers, non-specific
Star Army Unit Supply Specialist04A
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoLogistics soldiers, unit-level
Star Army Technician05
Santô HeiTaisaMaintenance & repair soldiers
Star Army Armorer05A
Santô HeiJôtô Heishomantains and repairs small arms and power armor
Star Army Combat Engineer05E
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoDemolitions
Star Army Information Technology06A
Santô HeiTaisaComputer & network specialists
Star Army Communications Specialist06C
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoCommunication Specialist
Star Army Science Officer07
Santô HeiTaisaScientists
Star Army Medical08
Santô HeiTaisaDoctors & medics
Star Army Counselor08C
ShoiTaisaMental health professional
Star Army Pharmacist08P
Santô HeiTaisaMedicine specialist
Star Army Starship Operations09
Shoi KohoseiChusaStarship bridge operators
Star Army Navigator09A
ShoiChusaStarship navigation officers
Star Army Mission Operator09B
Shoi KohoseiChusaMission operations coordinators
Star Army Systems & Safety Monitor09C
Shoi KohoseiChusaStarship systems operators
Star Army Flight Control Officer09D
ShoiTaisaFlight line officers
Star Army Air Traffic Controller09E
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoAir Traffic Controllers
Star Army Command Staff10
TaisaTaishoCommanders of Star Army units
Star Army Starship Captain10A
TaiiTaisaCommanders of Star Army starships
Star Army First Officer10B
ChuiTaisaExecutive officers
Senior Enlisted Advisor10E
Jôtô HeishoJôtô HeishoThe most senior NCO at a posting
Star Army Fleet Admiral10F
TaishoTaishoCommanders of Star Army Fleets
Director Of Star Army Logistics10L
TaishoTaishoCommander of Star Army Logistics
Chief of Star Army Operations10O
TaishoTaishoOversees strategy, tactics, operation plans
Director Of Star Army Personnel10P
TaishoTaishoCommander of SA-PERSCOM
Star Army Rikugun Commander10R
ShoiTaishoCommanders of Star Army Rikugun Units
Star Army Military Police11
Nitô HeishoTaisaMilitary Police officers
Star Army Cook12
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoCulinary specialists
Star Army Pilot13
Santô HeiTaisaFighter jocks
Star Army Combat Vehicle Operator15
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoTank and mecha operators
Star Army Mecha Pilot15D
Santô HeiTaisaMecha pilot
Star Army Caretaker16
Santô HeiJôtô HeishoMaids & shopkeepers
Star Army Musician17
Santô HeiTaisaBand members & performers
Star Army Emergency Services18
Santô HeiTaisaFirefighters & disaster response
Star Army Combat Search And Rescue18C
Santô HeiTaisaCombat Search and Rescue (SASO)

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