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Occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai

The Star Army of Yamatai trains its soldiers with both common skills and one of the following specialized occupations. A Star Army soldier may only have one primary occupation. A soldier's occupation determines their assignment.

Feel free to add insight, notes, and characters' personal experiences to the the occupational pages.

For information on joining the Star Army as one of these occupations, see Star Army Recruiting.

General Occupations

Occupation Color Typical Work Area Notes
Cargo and Supply Cargo Bay/Shuttle Usually an NPC occupation
Cook Galley Enlisted and warrant only; Usually an NPC occupation
Emergency Services Star Bases and Forts Provides Medevac, Fire and EMT Services; Usually an NPC occupation
Fighter/Bomber Pilot Starfighter For carrier-based plots
Infantry Away Team Fights the enemy
Information Technology Bridge Creates computer programs
Intelligence Operative Bridge/Away Team Gathers and analyses information
Investigator/Military Police Anywhere Keeps order in the Star Army
Medic Medical Lab/Away Team Helps injured characters
Scientist/Advisor Bridge/Away Team Researches and advises
Starship Operator Bridge Runs a starship
Technician Engineering/Away Team Installs, maintains, and repairs technology
Clerk Office Can be enlisted.
Caretaker Facilities, etc Can be enlisted.
Command Occupations Path*
Senior Enlisted Advisor Any Required: Jôtô Heisho or higher NCO rank. Assists officers in command duties.
Centurion Planetside Required: Officer rank. Commands 100 soldiers of the Legion.
First Officer Bridge/Away Team Required: Officer rank
Starship Captain Bridge Required: First Officer experience
Fleet Commander Command Center Required: Ship captain experience

*Non-command occupations have a maximum rank of Chusa unless otherwise specified.

For generic occupational character art, see Placeholder Art for Star Army Characters.

Specific Codes

The following codes show specific specializations for Star Army soldiers.

Code Title Minimum Rank Color Notes
01 Star Army Soldier Yontô Hei Non-specialized soldier
01B Infantry, Planetary, Armored Yontô Hei DAISY M6
01C Infantry, Starship, Armored Yontô Hei MINDY M2
01D Code used for newly-created soldiers who have not yet completed training Brand-new Nekovalkyrja
01E Code used for newly-recruited soldiers who have not yet completed training Fort Ready, Fort Hajime, etc
01R Star Army Ranger Santô Hei Star Army Scouts
02 Clerk Santô Hei Handles records; OOC work required
02B Public Relations Liaison Shoi Works with locals
02C Recruiter Nitô Heisho Recruits volunteers into Star Army
02D Combat Historian Nitô Heisho Records Star Army Operations; OOC work required
03 Intelligence Operative Santô Hei General purpose intel specialist
03A Intelligence Analyst Santô Hei Analyzes current and past RP
03B Field Agent Santô Hei Infiltrates other factions; Usually an NPC occupation
04 Logistics (Transportation and Supply) Santô Hei Usually an NPC occupation
04A Unit Supply Specialist Santô Hei Maintains ship inventory; OOC work required
04B Ground Crew Santô Hei NPC for starports and docking bays
05 Maintenance Technician Santô Hei Installs, maintains, and repairs technology
05A Armorer Santô Hei Power armor and weapons technician
05B Starfighter and Shuttle Technician Santô Hei Maintains small craft
05C Starship Systems Technician Santô Hei Works on ship engines, power systems, CFS, etc
05D Chief Engineer Santô Juni Leads the technicians
05E Starship and Vehicle Designer Santô Juni Create new starships for the Star Army; OOC skills needed
05F Fabrication Specialist Yontô Hei NPC occupation
05G Ground Vehicle Mechanic Santô Hei Star Army Rikugun
05F Star Army Combat Engineer Santô Hei
06A Information Technology Santô Hei Create programs to help your ship
06B Linguist/Translator Santô Hei Analyze and translate fictional and real languages
06C Communications/Electronic Warfare Specialist Santô Hei Maintain contact withe friendly forces
06D Android Service Specialist Santô Hei Provide service and support for Star Army androids
07 Sciences Santô Hei General scientist
07A Astrophysicist Nitô Heisho Planetary orbits, etc; NPC occupation
07B Biologist Nitô Heisho Analyze alien life, grow food
07C Chemist Nitô Heisho Develop drugs, substances, etc
07D Sensor Specialist Santô Hei Operator/Technician for advanced sensors
08 Medical Santô Hei Basic field medic
08A Medical Doctor (Officer) Shoi Helps injured characters; degree req.
08B Radiation, Biological, and Chemical Specialist Santô Hei Protect against contamination and hostile environments
08C Emergency Services Paramedic Santô Hei NPC occupation
09 Starship Operator Santô Hei Operate a starship
09A Starship Sensors and Navigation Nitô Heisho Plot courses and detect objects and enemies
09B Star Army Mission Operator Santô Hei Coordinates away teams
09C Star Army Systems And Safety Monitor Santô Hei Monitors starship systems
10A Starship Captain Chui Command a crew. Required: First Officer experience
10B First Officer Shoi Assists ship captain
10C Century Commander Shoi Commands 100 soldiers of the Legion.
10D Fleet Admiral Shôshô Required: Starship Captain experience
11 Military Police Officer Nitô Heisho Keep other characters legal
12 Cook Yontô Hei Usually an NPC occupation
13 Pilot Santô Hei Operate small aerospace craft
13A Starfighter Pilot Santô Hei For carrier-based plots
13B Space Bomber Crew Santô Hei Independent long-range strike missions; NPC
14A Emergency Services Firefighter Yontô Hei NPC occupation
14B Emergency Services SAR Specialist Yontô Hei NPC occupation
15 Star Army Combat Vehicle Operator Santô Hei Star Army Rikugun
15C Tank Commander Santô Hei Star Army Rikugun
15D Tank Driver Santô Hei Star Army Rikugun
15G Tank Gunner Santô Hei Star Army Rikugun

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