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Star Army Clerk

Star Army Clerk is an administrative career occupation and/or duty position of the Star Army of Yamatai that deals with personnel management.

The occupational uniform color for clerks was originally white; in YE 40 it was changed to Mint.


Star Army Clerk was named as an official occupation in YE 33. Clerks may also serve as yeomen and can be referred to as such. On small starships, the First Officer may perform the duties of a clerk.


The Star Army is looking for highly organized, dedicated, and trustworthy individuals. Clerks generally dedicate long hours to ensuring reports and communications are detailed and up to date.

Clerks must be enlisted in the Star Army under a current Star Army Enlistment Contract and must have completed their basic training and job training for this MOS.


Clerk is enlisted and non-commissioned officer occupation only. The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Jôtô Heisho.


The clerk position helps take some of the strain off of the commanding officer and is appreciated. Clerks who are performing well may receive special benefits. In order to include the clerk players in the action, Game Masters are encouraged to let them control an NPC or two.


Clerks have all the Star Army Common Skills.

A Star Army Clerk is responsible for:

Player Expectations

Playing a Clerk is great for people who enjoy the organization and the “paperwork” behind the roleplay.

  • Create or update orders threads (with GM permission).
  • Update Star Army Personnel Database (structured data) on character pages
  • On occasion, at the direction of their GM transmit reports, updates, or other information from the ship to Star Army Command.
  • Create Star Army NPCs and assign them to the ship (these can be controlled with GM permission).
  • Award cash bonuses to player characters who are doing a great job (up to 500 KS monthly)
  • Remove players that do not meet the posting requirements via issuing them reassignment orders (consult your GM first).
  • Wes is really into Star Army Personnel so keep communication open with him.

List of Characters

These are the characters currently listed as Star Army clerks.

#PageSAOY AssignmentSAOY RankSAOY OccupationCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Satake HitomiFort Minori Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army ClerkNakshatra
2Alina ShanuiYSS MazuSantô HeiStar Army ClerkNakshatraActive Player Character
3Ayenee LisseYSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital CitySantô HeiStar Army ClerkImmortal CyanActive Player Character
4Rina NematsuSantô HeiStar Army ClerkNakshatraActive Player Character
5Yoshinaga NarumiStar Army Personnel CommandIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkDemibearActive Player Character
6Miyoshi NatsumiFort Victory Reserve CenterShoiStar Army ClerkImmortal CyanInactive Player Character
7Tenno HotaruYSS SoyokazeShoi KohoseiStar Army ClerkBionicSamuraiInactive Player Character
8Cora AllenIrim's CityIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
9Jezzabel LaurenstKetsurui Star FortressJôtô HeiStar Army ClerkAmethelianaNPC Available for GM or FM use
10Korifumi RisaYSS KorifumiSantô HeiStar Army ClerkMatthewNPC Available for GM or FM use
11Mizumitsu IngridRikugun Base FujikoJôtô HeishoStar Army ClerkDemibearNPC Available for GM or FM use
12Zedarius BrooksYSS WakabaIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkRawolfeNPC Available for GM or FM use
13Aera MarenTaurus Star FortressJôtô HeishoStar Army ClerkWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
14AyakaYSS HeitanJôtô HeiStar Army ClerkYuukiNPC In Use By GM or FM
15Bryndri DrichoCentral Fleet DepotSantô HeiStar Army ClerkAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
16Daniela SummerFort TokyoIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
17Fukada MasaruStar Army Personnel CommandSantô HeiStar Army ClerkAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
18Hasegawa NobuhitoStar Army Personnel CommandJôtô HeishoStar Army ClerkAndrewNPC In Use By GM or FM
19Maeda YusukeSenate of YamataiTaisaStar Army ClerkrazNPC In Use By GM or FM
20Park HanaFort Minori Reserve CenterJôtô HeishoStar Army ClerkWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
21Sperantia Inge EilertsFort Minori Reserve CenterIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkWesNPC In Use By GM or FM
22Stella GlassUesureyan FortressIttô HeishoStar Army ClerkAmethelianaNPC In Use By GM or FM

OOC Notes

Original was made by Wes. Andrew updated using the Occupation Template.

  • Approved by Wes on 1/14/2021 in this thread.

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