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Star Army Cook

The Ship's Cook is part of an important, time-honored profession. Feeding the crew properly is vital to both crew health and crew morale. A ship's cook is a hard worker. She has to get up early and on smaller ships may be the only cook aboard. Cooks wear uniforms with yellow panels.


The Star Army had cooks since it was formed in YE 21, although at times (roughly YE 27 to YE 30) their role has been blended with the Star Army Caretaker.


To be a Star Army cook, soldiers must enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai, complete basic training, and complete the Star Army's training program for cooks. It is not expected to have a college education or food industry experience to be Star Army cook.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Jôtô Heisho.


Cooks are usually found in the kitchen when they are on duty.

Things cook characters should do are:

  • Figure out the crew's dietary special needs, if any (some might be aliens or heavy worlders)
  • Give characters a taste of home
  • Make special meals for special occasions like birthdays or holidays
  • Coordinate with the Star Army Unit Supply Specialist to order food for future meals


In addition to the Star Army Common Skills, cooks have training and practical knowledge about how to cook in general in a safe and efficient way.

Star Army cooks receive their combat training with a special emphasis on close-quarters combat.

Player Expectations

Cooks, for the most part, have tended to be non-player characters, although this has changed. In 2011, Gabriel said “Woah, wait, we actually have a PC who's profession is cook? Now I've seen it all.”1).

Things cook players can do are:

  • Find pictures of food and use them in the RP at mealtime
  • Make menus

Examples from Roleplay

Hanako arrived in the wardroom with her hair still damp from the shower and went to see what Mango had made for breakfast. Today's meal was a build-your-own biscuit buffet with Southern-style fluffy biscuits, rounds of scrambled eggs, country ham, bacon, sausage patties, and cheese. There was also several fruit jellies available, some of which were imported. After building a breakfast sandwich and a jelly biscuit Hanako filled a glass of orange juice and sat at the head of the table to await the others.

When Suzume arrived in the wardroom, she could hear the sounds of Lime cooking in the galley. There was the sizzle of oil and a mild smell of freshly cooked fish, carried by steam from the bubbling water of a boiling pot. But dinner had been delayed and the food wasn't out yet. Still, Suzume could see the impromptu meal's menu on a wall display:


  • Lime Tilapia Fillets
  • Ceasar Salad
  • Baked Potato with Cheese
  • Baked Apples

Hanako returned to the wardroom. Lime and Mango were working in the kitchen, with Lime busy with dinner and Mango working on cookies and treats. Tonight's menu was a good one: chipotle salmon with jasmine rice and fresh steamed broccoli (and optional cheese). Also available was fried calamari with diced limes and key lime pie for dessert.

Star Army Cook's Creed

I am a Star Army Cook. First to wake, last to eat. I am a Master of all things culinary. My mission is to cook, serve, and please. I am a friend to every crewmember. No ingredient un-used, no flavor left un-explored. I am vital to my crew's health and morale. Proud, passionate, creative, and diligent. I am a Star Army Cook.

List of Star Army Cooks


  • SARP Food Page - Has a list of SARP foods
  • Drinks - In case you're on bartender duty
  • There's a list of menu ideas below. Please add to it!
  • Wikibooks has an open-source Cookbook that you can get recipes from.

OOC Notes

Artwork by Raph (ichan) and Hyeoii.

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