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Director Of Star Army Personnel

The Director of Star Army Personnel (also sometimes called the Chief of Star Army Personnel) is the head of Star Army Personnel Command, which is responsible for overall personnel management and manning the Star Army of Yamatai's fleets, organizations, starships, and units with soldiers who are ready for the wide range of challenges the Star Army faces. This includes finding and recruiting people, developing their capabilities through training, education, and experience throughout their whole careers, and ensuring our soldiers are properly paid and cared for. It also includes the creation of supplemental manpower through production of Nekovalkyrja super-soldiers and sapient artificial intelligence. The Director is responsible for all personnel-related Star Army plans, policies, and programs for the entire Star Army.

Chinomai Minori


The office of the Director of Star Army Personnel was created in YE 21 as the commanding officer Star Army Personnel Management and has changed names several times. The first head of Star Army personnel is Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori who served from YE 21 to the present. The position has been at various times been billet for Chujo or Taisho rank. In late YE 41 the position was codified as the Director of Star Army Personnel.

It is expected that Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel, Hanako, will become the next director in YE 42. During her time as Acting Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel, Hanako created the Star Army Personnel Command's motto, “All Hands In Good Hands.”


Because a huge portion of the Yamatai Star Empire's population serves or have served in the Star Army of Yamatai, or have been created by the Star Army of Yamatai, this makes the Director of Star Army Personnel a very important position that directly affects the lives of billions of people. Essentially, the Director of Star Army Personnel is the head of HR for the largest and most important employer in Yamatai. Additionally, this position is critical to the Nekovalkyrja species, as it oversees most of their development and production.

Ketsurui-Chinomaru Minori described the position as a job for a god that's instead staffed by a person, in which one is potentially responsible for designing soldiers' characteristics before they're born and when they are born, for their personal growth, for their life experiences in the military, and finally for their funeral services.

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