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Star Army Emergency Services

All Star Army of Yamatai bases, ground or space have dedicated teams of Emergency Services personnel. They consist of Firefighters, Paramedics, and SAR. Bases require around the clock coverage. The personnel is easily recognized by their neon green panels. In addition to responding to emergencies, the personnel also perform periodic health and safety inspections. Emergency Services personnel onboard space installations coordinate with the Damage Control teams.

Neon green panels


The Paramedic personnel provides Medical Evacuation (Medivac) services. They work in teams of two, are trained to operate the Kuma T8 Medevac Shuttle and to tend to patients in transit. Paramedics provide on-site medical services, their task is to triage and stabilize injured personnel by providing advanced medical and trauma care and get the patient ready for transport.

Their training is remarkably similar to, and in many cases more advanced than, an enlisted Star Army Medic, although without the combat training as they typically wait for a law enforcement agency to ensure any scene is secure before entering, and to protect them while they are on scene. Paramedics tend to work in pairs, or in trios if training a newer emergency medic.

Medical Kuma

Training includes:


A firefighter is a rescuer that receives frequent training in the multiple fire fighting techniques with all Star Army of Yamatai equipment. They primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten life, property, and the environment as well to rescue people and animals from dangerous situations that they are in. Aside from their work of fighting the fires, they are often found as inspectors or fire investigators working with the Star Army Military Police to determine the cause.

To summarize their work, here the basic tasks of firefighters, it includes fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention, basic first aid, and investigations. Firefighting is further broken down into skills which include: size-up, extinguishing, ventilation, search and rescue, salvage, containment, mop up and overhaul.

Training covers the use of the following equipment:

  • axes
  • chain saws
  • fire extinguishers
  • hoses
  • ladders
  • breathing equipment
  • other fire fighting
  • Radiation detection equipment
  • Chemical weapons detection equipment

Firefighters are trained in fighting the following types of fires:

Class Type
A Ordinary combustibles
B Flammable liquids & gases
C Electrical equipment
D Combustible metals
K Cooking oil or fat


Search and Rescue (SAR) is a qualified specialist that goes into hazardous situations where a normal Star Army Emergency Services is unable to get to or has limited knowledge to handle correctly in the given situation. The SAR can use and are trained for the KE-M91 SAR Conversion equipment. They operate in the situations or the following typical terrains:

  • Planetary SAR Operations
    • Mountain: relates to search and rescue operations specifically in rugged and mountainous terrain.
    • Ground: the search for a person (who went missing voluntarily or not).
    • Cave: a highly specialized form of rescue for rescuing injured, trapped or lost cave explorers.
    • Urban: locating and rescuing people from collapsed buildings or other urban and industrial entrapments. They are deployed in regions where an earthquake or any other planetary disaster and most likely gain additional assistance in these large operations.
    • Maritime: carried out at sea to save passengers in distress, or the survivors of downed craft.
  • Space SAR Operations
    • Planetary Orbit: operations that require rescue operations in orbit that limits any other ship from closing in on the people that are trapped.
    • Station: rescuing people from a station or starbase that requires evacuation or search and rescue for missing people plausible trapped.
    • Starship: search and rescue of personnel that is injured or/and trapped on a starship due to malfunctions, explosions or any other kind that brings the people in danger.
  • Combat SAR Operations: search and rescue operations that are carried out during war that are within or near combat zones. This doesn't include Prisoners of War.

Basic First Aid

OOC Notes

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Artwork created by Nashoba from DOGA.

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