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Star Army Emergency Services

All Star Army of Yamatai bases, ground or space have dedicated teams of Emergency Services personnel. These consist of Fire Fighters, Paramedics. Bases require around the clock coverage. These personnel are easily recognized by their neon green panels. In addition to responding to emergencies, these personnel also perform periodic health and safety inspections. Emergency Services personnel on board space installations coordinate with the Damage Control teams.

Neon green panels


These Paramedic personnel provide Medical Evacuation (Medivac) services. They work in teams of two, are trained to operate the Kuma T8 Medevac Shuttle and to tend to patients in transit. Paramedics provide on-site medical services, their task is to triage and stabilize injured personnel by providing advanced medical and trauma care and get the patient ready for transport.

Medical Kuma

Training includes:

Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters receive frequent training in a multiple fire fighting techniques with all Star Army of Yamatai equipment.

Training covers the use of the following equipment:

  • axes
  • chain saws
  • fire extinguishers
  • hoses
  • ladders
  • breathing equipment
  • other fire fighting
  • Radiation detection equipment
  • Chemical weapons detection equipment

Fire Fighters are trained in fighting the following types of fires:

Class Type
A Ordinary combustibles
B Flammable liquids & gases
C Electrical equipment
D Combustible metals
K Cooking oil or fat

Basic First Aid


Fire Fighters are also trained in Rescue. This covers the locating and removing trapped and injured individuals. They are trained in the use of Rescue equipment.

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