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Star Army Musician

Musician is a career occupation of the Star Army of Yamatai. Musicians can be found working solo on smaller ships or bands for large ships, fleet/legion bands, or premiere bands found higher up in the command chain. Its occupational code is 17, with a uniform panel designated with the color #990099.


Until YE 42, the Star Army of Yamatai traditionally asked for (or voluntold) soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai to fill in special duty as musicians. There is even a yearly competition on Nataria done by amateur musicians commanders often use to find those to ask. This, however, often caused problems for all that are involved as such soldiers were not always available or often reassigned to other parts of the empire. Many made a collective sigh of relief when the musician occupation was created.


There are no prerequisites for this occupation. Soldiers who choose this occupation are trained at the Star Army School of Music located at Kyoto, Yamatai. There they are trained in the basics of drill and ceremony as well as to read/perform music and dance for 14 weeks. Afterward, soldiers are assigned and receive on-the-job training for anything particular to that musician section.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Taisa.


Members of the musician fall into 2 main roles: performance and ceremonial.


The morale-boosting and lighter side of the Star Army of Yamatai musician occupation, specializing in festive traditional and modern music. Performance musicians can be found solo, in ensembles, or bands sized sections anywhere in the Star Army of Yamatai that does not have a ceremonial band. Though they are expected to provide similar duties or temporarily support such a unit if needed.

The premiere performance band is the “Sakura Marching Band.”


The solemn and serious side of the Musician occupation specializing in ceremonial marches and traditional music. These musicians are only found in band sized sections as their primary function to provide orchestral music for military ceremonies for legion HQs and Division commands. They can be found performing more light-hearted performances in smaller sizes within dining facilities, providing moral support for their fellow soldiers and command personnel deployed forward.

The premiere ceremonial bands are the “Star Army of Yamatai Band” and “Yui's Own.”


  • Perform as a member of a marching, concert, or any other form of bands.
  • Be well versed in a wide range of music genres
  • Perform for many different functions (formal and informal)

Player Expectations

The player should have a basic understanding of music terminology and theory and be prepared to research those topics more in-depth.

List of Characters

These are the characters currently listed as Star Army musicians.

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