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Star Army Ranger

Members of Star Army Reconnaissance aka “Rangers” are focused mainly on fulfilling the role of reactionary observers, with focus on low-support operations. They are expected to operate with minimal, concise communications if necessary and remain undetected indefinitely. They do this primarily by operating as reconnaissance units ahead of main forces to gather field intelligence (Enemy formations, logistics flow, weather conditions, and force movements to name a few) with focus being on remaining undetected while performing these duties.

"The Ranger patch features a deep blood red feathered griffin standing atop a hexagonal block, said block frequently replaced with a regimental symbol.  Ringing the emblem, the words 'STAR ARMY RECONNISSANCE' stands atop the emblem, and the words 'EYES AND EARS' sit at the bottom."
Star Army Reconnissance1)
Established YE 40
Commanding Officer Shôshô Hibe Kanachi
Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Subordinate to Star Army Rikugun
Headquarters Jiyuu Fleet Depot, Jiyuu System


Taking a distinctive role within SAoY military operations, reconnaissance units operate ahead of the main forces to observe enemy formations, enemy logistics flow, weather conditions, the movement of enemy forces and act immediately if required on these factors. It is paramount that non-detection be the primary focus of any unit, with possible guerrilla or harassment opportunities being acted upon only if not affecting their observation.

In the field, reconnaissance operatives take on scouting, observation, harassment and patrol duties in areas of interest ahead of the main force. Reconnaissance units normally operate with downsized power armor, lighter-than-normal arms or scout vehicles. While it is imperative that reconnaissance units be swift and covert enough to avoid enemy detection, units should also be equipped with or have access to enough firepower to directly engage hostile forces.

Before, during, and after a combat engagement, reconnaissance units typically serve as a screening, pursuit and skirmishing force. The disruption of supply lines, destruction of key hostile support and primary infrastructure and the concealment of primary force maneuvers via screening are all tasks and mission profiles undertaken by reconnaissance units. Dual-occupation units such as scout engineers can build infrastructure before an advancing force.

The occupational colours for reconnaissance units in the Star Army of Yamatai is the cornflower blue of Infantry. They are distinguished from their larger-force counterparts with a subtle sleeve symbol, which varies depending on the regiment. This regimental patch, when worn separately from the full patch, is just below the medical patch would be worn, as an example, with the Ranger's primary specialty being the one worn. The official patch worn when in formal dress features a off-tan griffin with deep red feathers on it's front half and wings, standing upon their regimental patch, or a blank hexagon standing on it's tip2). Ringing the patch is the words “STAR ARMY RECONNAISSANCE” around the upper curve, and “EYES AND EARS” around the lower curve. They are also much more likely to be seen in camouflage patterned gear than Infantry would normally be.


The Star Army of Yamatai began training specialized reconnaissance operatives in YE 40 under Star Army Reconnaissance. Before that, reconnaissance duties were handled spontaneously by other units either too specialised to fulfill the role full time, or too general to operate within non-detection parameters. The emergence of the Kuvexian threat in YE 37 highlighted the need for a specialized forward reconnaissance division, given the implications of a war with an established nation state on the same level of technological aptitude as the Yamatai Star Empire. The ad-hoc allocation of troops of wildly differing specialties to the role was seen as unsustainable and highly unoptimised, prompting the formation of the occupation.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of a Rangers are to provide an early warning for offenses and surprise attacks that were not foreseen by military intelligence as a last line of warning against such actions. If needed, they are expected to make a stand to the last man to buy time for the main force. Casualty rates in Recon are higher than many other occupations. They are also primarily focused on FORINT (Force Intelligence). This means Rangers are focused on the composition and formations of the enemy so as to provide the information needed to properly counter them.

Rangers may be expected to work alone, in a pair or small group depending on their task. They may be stationary or cut off for extended periods of time, resorting to unconventional or demeaning living conditions as needed.

Training for Reconnaissance Units

After completing basic training, prospective Star Army Rangers may immediately sign up for specialized reconnaissance training. A truncated version of Infantry training is done first, to ensure Rangers are capable of functioning effectively with Infantry, the course taking a month and a half. Next, Reconnaissance training takes four months and in that time, trainees learn survival, demolition, non-detection, skirmishing, reactionary, self-sustainance, improvisation and scouting skills. There is also an extreme emphasis on physical conditioning and fitness.

In order to be eligible for dual classification as a reconnaissance starfighter pilot, reconnaissance medic, reconnaissance scientist or reconnaissance technician, trainees must also undergo training in their respective secondary occupation.

Reconnaissance Skills

All Star Army Rangers undergo training where they learn these skills through an exhaustive and rigorous twelve week training course with an additional four weeks of on-post vocational specialization, some of which may be taught prior. Your character should have the following skills.3) In addition, they should have everything covered in Star Army Common Skills. These do not replace common skills, rather they further them. Due to the number of skills below, in addition to the common skills, new Ranger Characters are only able to pick three of the following, sans the ones that expand on a common skills. They will need to complete a 'certification' RP to finish one of the remaining 3 skills the character did not 'have' at start. Skills which fit in this category are: Demolitions, Vehicle, Survival, Knowledge, Humanities, Physical

  • Communication: This is further refined with Reconnaissance-related communications skills and codes, which give authorization for more advanced support elements to be used, similar to JTAC. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Fighting: In addition, she has had further training in CQC actions to enable her to be more effective when unarmored, and has received advanced weapons training to allow her to function with a wide range of weapons in the field. (Star Army Basic Infantry Training/Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Technology Operation: In addition, she had knowledge and training in using a select number of field systems intended for providing support intel in the field in real time when possible. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Mathematics: Basic levels of Calculus is taught, to improve information flow quality. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Demolitions: Has been given rudimentary instruction in general demolitions use and operation, intended to be able to scuttle equipment in the field if the situation has made remaining in place unteneable. (Star Army Basic Infantry Training)
  • Vehicle: Knows the means of driving most civilian vehicles excluded commercial or industrial models, as well as being trained in the means of using, operating in and out of, and in conjunction with Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Support Vehicles, and aerospace vehicles. (Star Army Basic Infantry Training)
  • Survival and Military: Your character has a high level of survivability in the case they are cut off away from the main force. This includes but is not limited to the creation of shelters, hunting, cooking, trapping and other essential skills. Your character can also accurately report their findings despite adverse conditions, enemy presence and technological restrictions. This means that the Ranger must have an excellent memory and be able to identify and approximate the amount of enemies in a glance. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Knowledge: As there is a lack of support and increased personal risk in the line of duty of a Ranger, split second decisions can mean the difference between operational success and failure much more often than standard Infantry and Pilots. Rangers are expected to consistently display excellent logic in the face of adversity. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Humanities: Your character has a proficient understanding of psychology, unit cohesion, mental attrition, demoralization, and psychological warfare. Star Army Rangers are expected to apply their understanding of psychology to their actions in the field for the benefit of the Star Army of Yamatai. (Star Army Reconnaissance Training)
  • Physical: Your character maintains excellent physical condition, on account of their intensive training and workout regime. (Star Army Basic Infantry Training/Star Army Reconnaissance Training)

Operational Methodology

Due to the nature of the force, the main focus is recon tactics. This means that Rangers typically do not deploy with powered armor suits in terrestrial environments when possible, due to the more difficult nature of disguising them when not in use, a necessity when avoiding detection is the primary focus for scouting operations. This means that most Rangers will deploy in plate carrier armor, due to the lighter weight, and unpowered profile while still providing some protection from hostile fire. Rangers will deploy in Mindy Armor when tasked to a naval unit as opposed to Rikugun, the main concession to the nature of combat in space. When assigned not as a separate unit but instead attached to a Rikugun force, Rangers wear Daisy armor as well, as a Ranger is expected to be able to keep pace with Infantry when attached to them.


Rangers generally prioritize speed, weight and endurance over full fighting power. Their equipment allocation reflects this. Star Army Reconnaissance utilizes whatever is needed for the task at hand, here are some examples. Obsolete equipment from storage is occasionally used, moreso if casualties are likely.





'Spare' Kit

The following are issued when discretion is vital for a mission.

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