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Star Army Science Officer

Star Army Science Officer is a career occupation and/or duty position of the Star Army of Yamatai that deals with the fields of science and exploration.

The occupational uniform color for Science Officers is Green. The MOS code for this career occupation is 07.


Star Army Science Officers are highly trained and highly knowledgeable from their studies. Scientists may work on the bridge to assist in interpreting sensors and scanners there but are more often seen with away teams to assist and study that which they find. As a trained Star Army science officer progresses throughout their career, they may come to specialize within a particular field.

The most influential work a Star Army scientist does is often done in the ship's downtime when studying what was procured during a mission or working on making one of their hypotheses into a working theory.

A great science officer should be the go-to person for solving many of the ship's problems and will find the answers to those questions by employing the scientific method, reasoning, and inventiveness. They are also the go-to person for handing back samples and can often be found in the science sections of the ships during the appropriate periods for being at work during the ship's schedule.


There have been Science Officers in the Star Army of Yamatai since its founding in YE 21.

In YE 45.7, this became an officer occupation1).


Educational Facility 1 on Ketsurui no Iori and Star Army Academy on Yamatai (Planet) are the primary locations for teaching science officers in the Star Army of Yamatai. On top of the standard times for basic, training in the scientific field takes between 9 and 10 months depending on the species being trained, as per the training curriculum.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Shoi Kohosei2) and the maximum rank is Taisa.


Scientists gained a major upgrade to their toolkit in YE 43 with the addition of the Star Army Science Pad and Kit Type 43 an Multi-Role Science Drone Type 43. Scientists are often seen wearing white lab coats to avoid staining of their duty uniforms or interaction of its components with the sometimes volatile substances of their work.

They are often found in Star Army Combined Sciences Laboratory or deployed to a planet in a Star Army Field Laboratory Type 43.

There is a list of minor products for the sciences, Star Army Minor Science Equipment. This includes simple products like labware and glassware.


A trained Star Army science officer will have general knowledge in a large breadth of disciplines. Though later in their career a scientist may begin specializing, Star Army scientists just out of scientific training will be generalists, both knowledgeable and capable in all of the following areas:

Physical Sciences

  • Planetology: The origin, composition, and distribution of matter throughout space.
  • Astrophysics: The application of physics and chemistry to astronomy.
  • Astrochemistry: The study of composition, property changes, and states of matter of chemical elements and molecules in space.
  • Meteorology: The application of atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics to weather observation and forecasting.

Biological Sciences

  • Astrobiology: The study of the origin, distribution, and evolution of life in space.
  • Genetics: Genes, gene variation, and heredity in all living organisms.
  • Cybernetics: The study of the fusing of living organism and machine.

Social Sciences

  • Xenology: The study of the social, psychological, and biological evolution of foreign species.
  • Anthropology: The study of past and present aspects of societies, such as norms, values, histories, social life, and the cause and effect of those things.
  • Psychology: All aspects of conscious and unconscious thought are studied by psychology and it delves into the mind and behavior in order to better understand individuals and groups.
  • Linguistics: The study of language and its structure across different planets and cultures.

Computer Sciences

  • Computer Science: The theory of computation and design, including coding, algorithms, programming language, computer security and cryptology as well as interfering with communications, signals, and surveillance, as well as seeking out and exploiting weaknesses in computer systems.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Deep understanding of artificial intelligence systems at work in order to work with MEGAMI, PANTHEON, and AI of enemies of the Star Army. The Nekovalkyrja Operating System is not something that is taught.

Additional Player Expectations

This is a great position for a character that wants to investigate old lore and create new lore through their player character!

Science Officers need to know science, physics, etc, well enough IRL to allow their characters to be able to use it in game. This should require considerable work on the player's part, and there should be few science officers because of this, but ultimately that should be why science is the 'fast track' in Yamatai's Star Army. The amount of things a science officer can do in this setting is staggering! Ship design is probably the most popular but there is also forensics. Bypass razorwire by throwing a blanket over it, remind the captain that trying to put out an electrical fire with any Fire Extinguisher 🧯 that uses water will only cause more damage, navigate the ship when it has been damaged by putting on a space suit and using a scanner, find out where the assassin fired from by looking at the impact angle and depth of their bullet holes, stop a sulfuric acid leak with a chocolate bar, and generally look for ways to apply science skills to the problems being faced by the crew. Most of the time tech inconsistencies and super-science shouldn't even be an issue.

List of Characters

These are the characters currently listed as Star Army Science Officers.

Sakura BlueberryKoizumi_Chieko

PageSAOY AssignmentSAOY RankSAOY Occupation
Adelphress SvenghouliFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Aradia ShanYSS KanagawaJôtô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Bjarnison SigurdCentral Fleet DepotNitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Blesi IngridYSS HeartbreakerNitô HeishoStar Army Science Officer
Calandri ValtokYSS WakabaNitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Darnell CarlisleFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Doctor Thaddeus HemlockYSS EucharisNitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Fuyu 'Codetalker' KanoeYSS EucharisSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Hara YuriStar Army ReserveJôtô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Higashi TakumiYSS EucharisShoiStar Army Science Officer
HotaruYSS WakabaSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Iemochi SeinosukeShosaStar Army Science Officer
Indira VaikarSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Ishikawa ChiasaYSS SoyokazeTaiiStar Army Science Officer
Itakori ImakiriYSS EucharisSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Kahen YaniYSS Aeon IITaiiStar Army Science Officer
Kawa EuikoshiYSS ResurgenceIttô HeishoStar Army Science Officer
Mihral LekosIttô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Monomonoi KoYSS IntegritySantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Motoyoshi SayuriStar Army ReserveTaisaStar Army Science Officer
Okada SaayaYSS KorifumiChuiStar Army Science Officer
Oshiro MasumiStar Army Science Officer
Radcliff YingziYSS MazuShoiStar Army Science Officer
RawkemChusaStar Army Science Officer
Ryu-Mizumitsu YukioRikugun Base FujikoTaisaStar Army Science Officer
Saito MiyokoTask Force LanternShoiStar Army Science Officer
Saoirse AxilyaFort Victory Reserve CenterShosaStar Army Science Officer
Seki Hana MinaYSS KōunIttô HeishoStar Army Science Officer
Shiro IchikoVickyTaiiStar Army Science Officer
Sonoda TakashiYSS Aeon IINitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Takagi MiyukiYSS AsamoyaIttô HeiStar Army Science Officer
TakaramonoNitô JuniStar Army Science Officer
Takeda SayakoYSS KōunChuiStar Army Science Officer
Tanaka ShinaTask Force 0ShosaStar Army Science Officer
Tankyusha "Tank" HitotsuFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Toranaga SiyunYSS IntegrityNitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Tsuki HitohoshiYSS Sakura IINitô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Yamada HimekoFort TokyoSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
Yuukito AyameFifth FleetSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer

OOC Notes

Original written by Ametheliana. Andrew updated using the Occupation Template then Ame messed it up a bit.

Conversion was approved by Wes in this thread.

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