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Star Army Soldier

Soldier is a basic general purpose occupation in the Star Army of Yamatai. It is a starting occupation for newly-enlisted soldiers. The occupational code for a basic soldier is 01.

About Star Army Soldiers

Soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai that do not have a specialization are simply referred to soldiers. This general occupation can be found in both fleet and planetary operations units, performing a wide variety of tasks as the situation and unit demands.

Soldiers have Star Army Basic Training, which includes combat, protocol, and operation of Star Army equipment. Because all soldiers are combat-trained, they are considered infantry and wear the infantry color, cornflower blue.

This occupation is a stepping stone to a specialized Star Army occupation.

Cornflower blue panels


Soldiers may try a variety of occupational roles aboard their starship, gaining knowledge and training from veterans. When a soldier is ready to specialize, she can request orders to be reclassified into a new occupational code. Typically specialization occurs at the E4 rank level.

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