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QUIET RAGE is a Star Army of Yamatai code name for an ongoing operation preparing for a possible scenario in which the Yamatai Star Empire enters a state of war with the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

The QUIET RAGE plan is secret and known only by Star Army of Yamatai personnel who have been informed of it on a need-to-know basis. Currently it consists of gathering information and training scenarios.


A ship of the class of the VSV Boutros

In YE 36, on Asura III, a Iromakuanhe cruiser, VSV Boutros, crash-landed in a working district on the edge of Hopetown in the Kitsuhoro province.

Armed combat broke out1) between the Kitsuhoro Defense Forces, who were composed of Yamataian citizens of former UOC origin, and Iromakuanhe invaders, prompting the Star Army of Yamatai to start considering the possibility of conflict with the Iromakuanhe.

An Iroma Carrier Battle Group illegally invaded Yamataian space 2), which was an act of war. Taisho Yui quickly approached the treaty council regarding a declaration of war 3). The other treaty members shirked their responsibility and didn't come up with replies, choosing instead to wait and see how the situation played out.

Miraculously, the Boutros barely survived the falling debris of the Elysian destroyer. The quick thinking and determination of the Ryuusei had saved many lives that terrible night, but not without great losses. 1,237 Iromakuanhe lost their lives in the wake of the crash and following events, their bodies lost to nuclear detonations and the crushing fires from the ships that aimed to claim them. Their belligerents, the Kitsuhoro Defense Force, had lost 1,427 of their personnel to fighting, the mysterious nuclear detonations that ignited within the many perimeter guard lines, and the choking radiation that killed whatever injured remained. The Star Army, who had fought above the planet of Asura, had few losses in engaging the pirate fleet which held their attention. After the falling ship failed to crush the Boutros, the fleet dispersed, leaving the Star Army with several destroyed scout-ships whose soul-savior pods were thankfully recovered. The Iromakuanhe Recovery Fleet, sent from Iruotl to save their fallen brothers lost several Agni-Class ships attempting to prevent any other falling ships from killing their stranded comrades, their losses were tallied at 645. Yamatai's forward engineering team suffered forty-seven casualties, twenty-two deaths, and the loss of a single shuttle.

Ryuusei lost a single life, stolen by brutal betrayal, and recovered afterwards with a soul-savior back-up.

Public outcry against the Iromakuanhe was loud in the days following the Tragedy, many Asurans struck up their protests, and demanded Yamatai take action against the Astral Commonwealth. Local Media sources buzzed, blaming the falling ships on the Commonwealth, as well as all the destruction resulting from the space battle. Aid organizations within the Iromakuanhe's own nation sought out the Asurans in a combined reconstruction effort. Within weeks, organic scrubbing machines were cleansing radiation in fall-out zones. The diplomatic response from their horned adversaries was taken as an admission of guilt in most circles, but no one ever questioned the dedication of the aid-workers who came to rebuild the broken areas on Asura.

Countering the negative media coverage, Koga Akemi, a member of the task force sent to investigate the crashed Boutros, explained how the corporate Kitsuhoro Defense Forces had traitors within it that worked with Lorath to try to steal the Iroma ship's technology creating an artificial conflict. He also explained how he fought side by side with the Boutros' crew to help save them and it and that the Lorath pirates were at fault for the falling ships and nuclear explosions.

Political Situation

Since they were first encountered, the Yamatai Star Empire has treated the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth as neutral. The YSE and ISE do not have a non-aggression treaty or any steady or regular contact. The Lorath have a non-aggression treaty with the IAC but not a military alliance. The Iroma visiting the area of Yamatai have attempted to conceal the location of their homeworld.

Just after the Boutros incident occurred, Yamatai entered into a defense treaty with Lor and Nepleslia (Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States). However, Yamatai rendered this alliance void in YE 38.


  1. Survey and gather intelligence on the IAC's space
  2. Evaluate the IAC's warfighting abilities
  3. Develop a strategy and allocate forces to win against them in a war.

Units Assigned

  1. Second Fleet is assigned to combat Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth fleets once war is declared.
  2. Seventh Fleet is assigned as a reaction force in the event of war.
  3. Tenth Fleet has been ordered to gather more information.
  4. First Expeditionary Fleet is ready to go on an expedition to Iromakuanhe territory.
  5. Star Army Intelligence is gathering intelligence through various means.

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