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Star Army Personnel Command

Star Army Personnel Command (SAPC) is the Star Army of Yamatai's equivalent of a human resources division, although the term HR is not used in the Star Army due to the variety of species the Star Army employs. Star Army Personnel Command's Headquarters are located at Fort Minori on Planet Nataria. The head of the Star Army Personnel Command is Hanako.

Insignia patch

The motto of Star Army Personnel command is “All Hands In Good Hands.”

For the list of Star Army characters, see Star Army Characters.


Star Army Personnel Command started YE 21 when the Star Army was formed. Originally, it was called Star Army Personnel Management and later it changed to Star Army Personnel Management Administration.

In YE 35, Star Army Personnel Management moved its headquarters to Fort Minori on Planet Nataria.

In YE 36, its name was shortened to Star Army Personnel for the sake of simplicity.

In YE 41, the Star Army started calling this division Star Army Personnel Command (again) to prevent confusion between “Star Army Personnel” and “Star Army personnel.” That year, Shôshô Ketsurui Hanako became the acting Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel Command. During this time, Hanako suggested the motto “All Hands In Good Hands” for the Star Army Personnel Command, which was accepted.

In late YE 42, Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori retired and Hanako became the new director1).

Chinomai Minori


Star Army Personnel Command finds assignments and occupations for soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. It gives assignments to soldiers that are unassigned, and issues automatic promotions and awards from time to time. It is also responsible for recruiting and works closely with the Star Army Training Administration.


The Star Army Personnel Command has many functional divisions:


Star Army Personnel Command has one starship assigned to it:

Most transportation services for personnel are conducted by Star Army Logistics.

OOC Notes

Personnel Management offers the following services to Star Army Game Masters:

  • Recruitment Assistance
    • Finding player characters to join RPs threads & plots
    • On-site recruitment help
  • Generating NPCs
  • Issuing orders
  • Assignments for inactive characters

Contact Wes for more information.

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