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Multi-Bonding Module System

About the Item

This was developed as a way to quickly and easily adapt abnormal or newer designs onto a standard PA system. It was set up to make it quick and easy to connect and disconnect different systems, granting a degree of versatility to the unit using it.

Key Features

  • Daisy Adapter/Mindy Adapter - Allows it to be wired into the system quickly and easily, then sealed down to prevent it coming loose. Basically, this is just a series of wires with instructions on exactly how to install them, and then how to lock the module to the PA. Each kit comes with one of the wire sets, which must be specified at purchase.
  • Custom Parts Adapter - The other end that is designed to accommodate almost any kind of uplink system. This is a two piece system, compromised of the actual system port, which is standardized, and a separate set of interchangeable adapters. The base set is compromised of the most common sensor and computer system adapters. Other adapters must be paid for separately.
  • Trigger programs - Programs designed to activate whenever a new attachment is made, performing auto-diagnostics, as well as drawing out all available safety and usage data. These quickly facilitate uplinking systems, and allow systems to be used safely with little or no training or experience. Also include automatic warning protocols whenever a user attempts to use a device outside of known safety margins.

Mission Specialization

This product would allow for quick and easy adaptation of armors to the specific needs of a situation, such as attaching extra or more powerful sensors for search and rescue, or increased tactical data gathering for commanders in the field.


It is a fairly small package, made out of durandium, fairly rectangular in shape. It has seven LED lights near the top end of it, one which indicates a good connection to the armor, and the others that indicate a good connection to the external hardware. Below the lights are two adapter sockets, with two more on either side of the box. The entire thing is low profile, just large enough to accommodate the circuitry and the plugs.

History and Background

Kumiko developed this in her spare time, after having problems with a non-standard sensor system during a routine mission. She figured that this might not be the only time that she would have such problems, and that it would be useful in the future to have a kind of ‘adapter’ to facilitate use of new systems. Then she figured that there might be some point where it might be useful for others as well, and possibly in different situations, so she broadened her idea out to make it a more general application.

Statistical Data


Class: PA Adapter System Designers: Kumiko Endoh Manufacturer: Star Army of Yamatai Production: 1 Prototype. Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai


Length: 8 inches Width: 8 inches Height: 3 inches


Base Kit: {Includes base of your choice, as well as six standard adapters, three sensor and three computer) 500 KS Additional Adapters: 50 each non-standard, 100 each custom Deluxe Kit: (Base kit, plus three custom adapters) 650 KS Custom Base: +200 KS to a kit

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