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Star Army Privateer Program

In YE 30, Senator Maysaki Yuumei submitted a proposal to require the Nataria Fleet Depot at Nataria to give their surplus ships to civilians for privateering. Although this proposal was voted down, Hanako consulted the Fleet Depot to create a version of this program that would fit within Star Army Guidelines.

With the Second Mishhuvurthyar War long over, the privateer program was finally closed in YE 37 due to lack of participation.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. Starship captains must be independent to be considered privateers. This means they must not work for an external organization (such as a corporation or planetary government).
  2. A privateer captain is allowed to control only one vessel at a time (but can own more than one).
  3. Privateer captains must obey orders of Star Army of Yamatai officers ranked Taisa and above.


  1. Privateers are authorized by the Yamatai Star Empire to engage and capture or destroy any ship, station, or base of the Enemies of Yamatai.
  2. Privateers have special permission to possess and use cloaking devices.
  3. Privateers get to keep their ships after the war.

Ships Available for Free

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