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Shoi Kohosei

Shoi Kohosei (尉候補生; lit. Ensign Candidate) is technically, the first Commissioned Officer rank in the star_army_of_yamatai before Shoi but it is a Officer training rank. Officers with this rank are still in the process of learning what it means to be a leader, mediator, and officer. Typically, this is the rank of new personnel going through the War Academy at Kyoto but sometimes Enlisted personnel in transition from a non commissioned officer status can hold this rank but generally, if they have prior experience leading, they bypass this rank entirely. They are commonly referred to as “Acting Ensign,” “Kohosei,” “Cadet,” “Midshipman,” or “Shoi” if someone is being especially flattering.

The rank pin is a triangular metal pin with the fleet's logo in the center on a field of white enamel.

Rank Pin Sleeve Stripes

For a full listing of ranks, see Star Army Ranks.

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