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Readiness Condition

Readiness conditions are states of unit readiness used in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Condition Readiness Crew Ship
Condition 1 Maximum (Combat imminent) All on duty and in protective suits All weapons active; Blast shutters deployed; CFS focused mostly on shields
Condition 2 Full (Combat expected) Main shift on duty and at stations in protective suits and ready for combat All weapons active, CFS shields and speed balanced
Condition 3 Standard (Wartime) Duty shift; protective suits within easy reach; all items secured CFS shields up
Condition 4 Relaxed (Peacetime) Duty shift (bridge and engineering must be manned) CFS totally focused on speed
Condition 5 Standby (Docked) Sentries only (bridge can be locked down and unmanned) Engines and generators offline

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